[SoD] [A] [Living Flame] <Dopamine>

Hello and welcome potential recruits!

Raid times for Phase 3 are Thursday/Monday at 7pm Server Time/9pm Eastern Standard Time.

We are mostly Mature/Older gamers, that play a variety of games outside of WoW as well. We don’t mind raid loggers or people looking for new friends. Many of our players are long time WoW veterans, and some have only been playing since classic WoW launched. We like to play between semi-casual and semi-hardcore, most of us really enjoy performing well and having nice logs, but without forcing our playstyle on the rest of the group. We strive to focus on having fun while efficiency clearing the raid, and doing so while performing well. There won’t be mandatory gearing requirements/pre-raid prep or a focus on grinding gold outside of raid to afford being in the group. If you are someone who enjoys being as prepared as possible, we welcome you with open arms, but ask that if others don’t have the same amount of free time to not be upset with them.

Roles we are currently recruiting:

  • Fire Warlock
  • MM Hunter

Contact Info:
Extort - Btag- Extort#1534 / Discord - extort713
Roihu - Btag- Roihu#11278 / Discord - roihu

Updated 4/3/2024 @ 7:30 PM

Any Warlocks?

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95+ average parsers where people at?

Still looking for fill our 20m raid with a few more people!