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Welcome to Critical Sarcasm!

Who We Are
We’re a gaming group that predominantly originated from various Classic WoW servers. Our SoD roots trace back to Crusader Strike, where many of us, along with a circle of friends, have been gaming together for over 15 years. Positioned somewhere between a casual dad guild and a hardcore gaming community, our guild is defined by the following core values:

  • Guild benefit > personal benefit
  • Respect the time of your fellow guildmates
  • Enjoying raid time is as important as clearing content.
  • Personal accountability is essential to guild growth

Who We Are Looking For
If you’re the kind of player who shows up ready for raids with the latest info, aims for greatness, and likes helping others do well, then you’re welcome here! We want players who can chill out, clear content, take responsibility for their actions, and talk about how to improve. You should be good at your job and be able to adapt when needed. Being flexible and able to switch roles is a big plus!

Raid Schedule

In Phase 2, we’ve got one raid planned – it’s a 10-person raid that resets every three days. Our raid schedule might change a bit to make things work smoothly. We’re aiming for weekday evenings from 8:30 to 10:30 PM EST for our main raids. If the situation calls for it, we might switch to a more traditional weekly schedule that needs more than 10 players. Right now, we’ve got one main group going strong, but we’re open to forming more static groups. In the meantime, if you can’t make it to our main raids, feel free to join or start PUG/alt raids whenever suits you. We usually have a couple of extra runs with alts and folks who couldn’t make it to the main ones.

Loot Plans
We’re keeping things chill with loot – it’s pretty relaxed. If things get tougher and we need to be more organized, we’ll switch to a more managed system. For now, in Phase 2, it’s simple: everyone rolls for gear since there aren’t many items that everyone wants. We’ll also have some basic rules, like giving priority to ranged weapons for ranged DPS Hunters. We’re looking for folks who can work together to share loot fairly and be a good team player.

Contact Us

Still recruiting for all positions!
6/6 Gnomer
Clearing every reset

We’re on the lookout for:

  • Tanks
  • Druid - Feral
  • Ranged/Caster DPS (Full on hunters)
  • Healers

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We’re still on the lookout for:

  • 1 Tank
  • Druid - Feral
  • Ranged/Caster DPS (Full on hunters)
  • 1 Healer

We’re still seeking motivated raiders for our 20-man raids. Currently, we need tanks, healers, casters, and a feral druid. Sorry, hunters, we’re full! Raids start at 8:45 PM EST. Come on and join!

Hello, Boomkin main with a just as geared shadow priest looking for a home 6/6 on both.

Slimboozie - Discord

I’ve sent you a message via discord. :slight_smile:

Just to provide an update, we still are looking for extra tanks, healers, casters, and a feral druid for our additional raid team.

Hunter LF home. Our names mesh well :slight_smile:

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Just giving you a heads-up, we’ve now got three raid teams up and running! We’re still on the lookout for more folks to join in so we can set up a fourth team and have two 20-man raids going strong next phase. New members won’t be thrown into the fourth team right away. We’ll keep shuffling members around to keep all our raids in tip-top shape!