I came back to WoW after being away for a couple of years and have found that my game priorities have changed. I’m not looking for people to run raids. I was wondering if there are people on The Scryers out there that are just looking for a place to hang out and chat with other people that aren’t into end game, but still like playing the others parts of the game.
I currently play with a couple people that just like to do a dungeon here and there, level alts, but mostly we like to just get on voice chat and goof off for the evening. If that sounds like fun then find me and join the group. Don’t have to join the guild, we’ll just invite you to the voice chat.


I’m pretty much in the same boat. I play solo mostly nowadays but I wouldn’t mind having people to chat with, whether in voice chat or in-game chat, while leveling my monk. I’m taking my time leveling him and trying to go through each expansion (dungeons, quests, etc.) before moving on to the next. It’s good to see that there are others who are like me, my battletag is Shadern#1193. See you in-game sometime!

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Yes and no. People on one of the servers are sociopaths and being investigated again for attempted murder. They are attacking any security or prior military people associated with the game in any way or with computer industry or entertainment industry. They like to single out those alone. I look quiet but I actually have a team of over 1000 people at one time it was 10,000 working on something. I’m inactive and not working but they are surivellence and life protection for others and I’m one of the ones they watch.

It’s one of the reasons I wasn’t around the game awhile. I find actually their server software listing amusing because I know what this once used in the other version that aren’t for release in this world. The held ones using quite different specs but they just retired and sold the old systems here recently as novelty after wiping the server throughly so nobody could steal the server software like they claimed in the past.

I’ve had people ask me for admin access here. I don’t have that and thought they were crazy. They asked for it for the internet and same thing. They bothered me to decode something as a signals person but I’ve not worked as one of those since I was a young adult on the original calendar system we are on the reusable since the terror attacks of the 1970s here.

I socialize here. I used to do it elsewhere and will again at some point. But the slang internet trolls are active and doing a bit of psychological warfare and psycholinguistics and said they are going to get a perfect world and will do warcraft to get it. They also hassled EA games. I’m not sure whats up with them and Arc games.

I do know I’ve told admins here through complaint form and police, etc that I’m being hassled again. So I don’t know how long I’ll play but in the 70s to 2000 I wasn’t playing any video games at all. Except 5.25 floppy games on apple 2e at a school or galaga/pacman/firefox/space invaders on an old cartridge game system. So barely played the old game system had no hard drive and no floppy drives and was very simple and cheap. While others were bragging on their amiga 2000 with voice software then but I suspect it might of been stolen property because we had one like that at one museum that had vehicle collection and tech collection stolen. Then a bunch of court cases as they fraudulently claimed they created everything and that they were time travellers. They stole it from a museum! They had no idea how old it was only that the clock would do up to a certain date and said a certain date. Some places have drastically different callendars. They IBM1600 wasn’t the name of the computer. The pictures online show a computer from a tech show that had a 1600 year computer at it by one calendar. We aren’t primative the news stuff on that is highly fictional content that is weird to any hereditary technologist or person with good big city or private traditional education.

I figure I will likely look for a new guild later. As one I’m in is inactive. But somewhere else. Two of the police said they were playing and I was huh what? Oh your still bothering with that? But it’s part of cyber squad and vices job to do that as well as counter terrorism. I’m sure they are bored as they do files and other work and only have so much time alloted for games if they are in the chosen group. Same with the military squad that does it. Since this game has some roots in security people though the stories that are allowed are highly fictionalized.

Beware some on right now. The virus or plague has some not quite ok. They think we don’t know tech just because some people are retro and they also think older people are senile and nobody cares on disabled. But we are fine we have standards in our community which is why many of us return to teach in some way or sit on councils even if inactive or not working. I’m not currently on any though.

But the not ok people are freaking out on surviellence or something. They aren’t making much sense and several have been sent to jail. A few around my building I was told were killed. I saw one sort of happen on my lawn when a electric something went off another time they body wagon quietly showed up but their alarm was going off for over 45minutes before body pickup. I think that might be natural vs undertaker but a few are a problem here and not supposed to be here they say they sublet or were replaced.

So be careful online. I’m dealing with the scars I got from the warcraft rogue who attacked me and the stalker that weirdly pulled them off. Then saw another stalker at the grocery store weeping because she couldn’t be Evanesence and her mommy promised her and said to bother me on it. I don’t know what the heck they are talking about but do know the girl and her mother and that her father was clifford olsen convicted killer and that they might of sought out two other companies before to targted attack or false affinity. A guy I put in jail for killing two of my children and assault recently his gang got out. They target people online and stock support groups, gaming groups, and arts groups or science groups.

So being social is good. Be careful on and offline. There seems to be increased electronic harassment going on by some in the radio community, etc and people that think they are above the law that tried to get utilities jobs. Police and media broadcast warnings for over 10 years on the terrorist groups. Originally not saying who some of them were targeting but being vague on it.

Some that were playing this warcraft are on the military or other security private version and it’s got completely different gear and better than the old VR stuff but it’s not safe given peoples behaviour and might not ever fully release for public use in any games. The gaming industry had safety meetings after their public offices were attacked.