So, you want to do the Plunderstorm

I’ve been plundering for two days and gotten to level 11, so I think I can provide some help in getting consistent results.

Being the last survivor is the point, of course, but getting into the top 2 only got me 866 points, and that’s only happened once so far, so don’t focus on killing other players.

What appears to be the key to getting a good score each game is completing the quest one gets after landing in the zone. There are several:

kill 10 creatures (any enemy npc): each baddie has a 30 second cast ability which can be easily dodged to avoid damage.

loot 30 treasures (piles of gold on ground): this is the easiest-gold piles are all over the place with a green beam of light pointing at them so they can be seen at a distance.

open 2 chests: also very easy, chests are everywhere, but don’t have any light beams, and they tend to be behind things, so you’ll need to search around.

equip 2 items: this I found to be the most difficult, items rarely drop, but you can equip the same item: you start with a barrel (a type of vehicle) and if you find another barrel you can equip that to get credit.

kill 2 elite creatures: this is a little tricky. Bears and owlkin are the easiest to kill at level 1, again they have a 30 second cast ability that you can dodge. For griffons and anything else, it’s best to get to level 2 and have at least 1 spell before engaging: griffons have a knock-back ability that does a lot of damage. Human elites call other humans to aid them. Kobolds have powerful fire spells. Trolls do a ton of area damage that’s almost impossible to avoid. Ogres summon a lot of imps. Elementals do a lot of elemental damage. Horde elites have a whirlwind sword attack. Undead also do a ton of damage-some kind of purple wave thing.

acquire 3 spells: spells can drop from anything, and also have light beams on them so they’re easy to spot.

Getting a quest done seems to net a consistent 271-367 points. So I focus on the quest, looting everything, killing everything, upgrading every spell, and figure spending an hour to reach the next level. So I try to limit myself to five hours a day so I can get some sleep. I also search areas that have already been cleaned out because those are good places to find left-over spells and items. And Faldir’s Cove, where the dock and ship are, is also accessible, but not the other side where the cave tunnel is, for whatever reason.


I agree.

  1. Complete quest, “Captain’s Orders”
  2. Grab any easy nearby piles of plunder,
  3. Run into the storm, or die to mobs.

That video tests three ways of grinding rep in the awful Plunderstorm, and concludes that this is the most efficient.

May it be over soon. :frowning:


OK, so using this basic method, I got to 11 for Bubbles over the weekend.

After getting my quest done, I either die to mobs or put my character on Autorun, and simply run around over any piles of plunder until the storm is close enough. On Autorun, mobs don’t get you. Players can. It takes too long to get killed :frowning: Tab out and do something else until I hear the change. Re-queue, Rinse and Repeat. Takes maybe 5 minutes on average.

I can listen to a podcast, which helps.

Here’s the problem. I have this down to a routine now, so it is conceivable that I could stick it out to level 30 for Glamrok; I didn’t expect that.

That’s an extra 19 levels :nauseated_face: 47.5K rep to grind.

800 daily plus the first quest = 1050 per day for one session. If I do that for 30 days, I get 31.5K rep.

47.5-31.5 leaves 16K rep to grind. At a conservative estimate of 300 rep per match, that’s 55 matches over 30 days. Call it two extra per day.

So I could get Glamrok in 30 days at three matches per day ~15 minutes per day = 7-8 hours. I have certainly spent more time for a pet, but never doing something so pointless and annoying.

I don’t want to start and waste a lot of time without getting Glamrok, so if I commit to it, I’m stuck. I mean, I don’t want to do it at all, but I definitely don’t want to do hours of this garbage without the reward.

So I guess I have to decide. :frowning:

Go for it ! We’re rooting for you.

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Each day I keep hoping they are going to nerf the grind as I cant stand more than three matches in a row.

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