So you nerf rets

lul u said telegraphed, so you know no matter how many buttons, its telegraphed.

Health pools are going down. Trinket stam bonus is being reduced significantly.

Imagine pressing 1 button and hitting for 300k on 3 people, then still feeling that pressing 2 buttons prior is in some way unfair.

If you’re misplaying as ret, I have no sympathy for you. You can go watch any number of the literal thousands of 500k+ sub-1 second hits on youtube and study.

So you’re gonna comment some bs on my post and not respond hmm. Must’ve felt dum, you owe me an apology.

No, they’re being buffed. Read it again.


Yeah idk where she got that from, obviously a classic player prob should stick to it.

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Wait, what? This was taken directly from the blue post:

Also, ‘two buttons prior’ would be unfair. That’s why I said 8. That’s 8 buttons, plus 7 GCDs, mathing out to just over 10 seconds. That’s 10 seconds of “I’m chargin’ mah lazer!” before you actually get hit with the ‘ultimate wombo combo’


They really made a blue post for ret n buffed them just to sht on them 2 weeks later blizzard is major troll.

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Ret isn’t allowed to be strong, they’re the most hated any time ret is even remotely viable.


You just keep on being wrong man.

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Oh man I got a triple rage reply from the angy ret gang.

You guys will live. Sorry you’re overperforming. Nerf warranted.

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So you’re just a no life fat troll irl seeking attention gotcha, you don’t even play retail. I play multiple classes so I’ll live.

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That’s my concern: What if we don’t?

That’s why ret is a noob stomper. These people can’t strategize so they just all clump together and allow themselves to be aoe hit for a final reckoning/radiant decree combo, then come to the forums to cry.


Tbf tho I feel like these changes r leaning towards the type of ret we been asking for. Less 2min burstandy more sustain and defense, they just r doing it weird. They didn’t have to nerf aura of reckoning so hard tho.

Is this genuinely your response to things that are wildly broken about the class you choose to play being toned down to a realistic numerical value?

RL insults and horrible toxicity? Goodness gracious. This is the most warranted nerf a class has had in SL yet. And you’re willing to risk a forum ban over it?

I’m sorry, you had 2 weeks of absolute God mode to hit 1400 on your ret paladinS that you main. I know RSS in the 1k bracket is hard, but you keep trying and you’ll get there.

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I literally said the nerf was warranted are you slow?. And I got elite on my ret nice try tho.I’m not getting banned over calling u fat lol. Did you not read my first post ??. I’m gona assume you didn’t or you’re ignoring it so you don’t feel stupid.

And you commented on my post first maybe next time get gud?. It’s always weirdo classic kids.

Blur is good, all agree with that.


Darkness: 20% to avoid damage? on a 5 min cd?
Netherwalk? You have to give up some cool stuff to get a 5 min CD…
Demon Proc is extremely RNG, there may be rounds that it doesnt show up at all - AND yet it got NERFED as well!
Glimpse got HEAVILY nerfed lol

Leech to be good the damage has to be good too, they nerfed our damage (so less heal from leech) and even on top of it, nerfed the base leech.

No it doesn’t lol


Darkness is 50% in PvP.

Netherwalk is a 3m cd, not 5, and you don’t have to give up cool anything to get it.