So you dont know who i am? you dont know im a panda?


I decided to make a Pandaren and I’m currently leveling through Pandaria and everybody greets me like “I’ve never seen anything like you before” or “your kind is strange” and stuff like that. Would have been neat to have special dialog that includes the fact that I actually am a panda as well.

(Jerauld) #2

But you are a different kind of panda, you spent your entire life living on a turtle, isolated from them for generations. All your habits, mannerisms, and even speech patterns are different and they can tell you are NOT the same as them.


I was thinking that might play a role in it but the “I’ve never seen your kind before” kinda threw me off.


game needs updated to reflect the fact that pandas left the turtle and are out in the wild of azeroth now.

(Damienkarras) #5

I’ve never seen your kind before, you seem awful thin to be a Pandaren.

(Eevee) #6

Valley of the four winds actually has some unique dialogue if you’re a pandaren compared to if you’re any other race while you’re adventuring with Chen and Lili. It was a nice touch.

(Vãrick) #7

hope that turtle healed up ok.

(Eevee) #8

I’d like to find out but I’m not allowed back :<

(Felsavior) #9

The quest text was made to be generic. And tbey haven’t really seen the other races before or in a long time.

It’s the same reason we are all called “champion” or how NPCs that are technically locked in Catas time line some how know what a void elf is. (all of ek and kalimdor happen in catas time line).

(Eevee) #10

Also, try doing Grizzly hills as a worgen.

“Worgen. Blasted, light-forsaken, filthy Worgen.”

…Well eff you too, jerk.

(Kypookins) #11

Yeah, that is funny. They just left the “blanket” response, even if you are a panda.

The second poster presents a possible “lore” reason, but it basically fails to explain; Blizzard was just lazy, face it.

They would have had to have written additional responses, coded in different reactions if the player were a panda.

If I recall, didn’t someone recently make a post about how the Kul’tirans do the same thing(give the same “canned stranger responses”, even if you are a Kul’tiran as well?)


Perhaps they’re just flirting with you.

Take a hint girl!