So.. why is fury bad for leveling?

i always leveled 2h fury always had an easy time. dw fury has always been considered bad simply for the miss chance. if you manage to hit while dw the damage is great.

I think arms and fury are both equally viable specs. I chose arms since 2handers with leveling gear seems to work better for pvp at this point. In dungeons, whether I am tanking or dps, I am usually the top dps in group thanks to sweeping strikes and whirlwind etc…


I know at 60 when you get high end gear, fury pulls far ahead of arms capabilities for dps especcially on bosses.


Fury isn’t considered bad.

DW Fury is considered bad for leveling (mostly because of the OH miss rates, which is a lot of rage loss).

2H Fury is good.

Lack of hit rating made people trash talk it, but it’s not really any different from being a combat rogue other than rage starve … which tbh I’ve never seen a fury war with rage issues using two 1h weapons

Rage starve is a huge HUGE mechanic difference between a rogue who gets the same resources over time, regardless of hit rating, vs. a class that only generates rage landing hits, or taking them.

Also, to your other point about 2h fury being the way to go before 40 – I used to think that, but honestly, sweeping strikes makes arms a better option all around

Because the guide from the Church of Googlemeta said so.

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It’s the best leveling spec til 40 by far, then arms/fury is the fastest because you get the passive healing + crazy cleave potential for fast questing/grinding

No but yellow hits have a much lower miss rate then white hits.

Serious question. If you are constantly targeting green quests where you are well above the level of the mobs you are killing to level, would not having hit really make much of an impact if you are dual wielding?

When solo leveling Fury to 40 and then Respec to arms for sweeping strikes, that’s always considered the fastest/best leveling route when it comes to talents. Who ever says otherwise is wrong. But if you PREFER arms leveling, that’s your personal preference. If you prefer prot leveling, you’re a bad person and should feel bad.

When bringing up and talking about Vanilla class experience and comparing it to clasic people really forget about the class reviews that made large changes, especially to talent trees and that we are playing with the final iteration of the classes in Vanilla AND the reworked gear(ie the spell damage stat basically didn’t exist originally) although we don’t have the extended loot tables such the turban off drak that was added later.

Honestly I can’t find the 1.0 fury tree best I can do is this(xxxxx// but I do have a webarchive of the original mage talents before their class review in, I think, 1.11 to highlight the difference:


Originally mages had to spec for instant AE and for evo, the winter’s chill debuff didn’t exist(it was the increased snare), no threat reduction, the spell hit talent didn’t exist(and mages only got 6% while SP/locks had gotten 10%…I assume because mages were the last class to be reviewed and they had already bandaided spell hit into the game with things like the ZG tailor set…), ect…

So yeah, each class review was a huge boost to the effectiveness of the class.

I must be doing something wrong, I’m having a blast leveling DW fury. I am using the cookie cutter spec and put all 17 in Arms first for the survivability and am back-filling fury. Anyways, I don’t notice all the misses people mince about and I keep good rage. Couple in that I play for fun and there is NOTHING fun about waiting 30 seconds between swings with 2h weapons.

Just use sunder armor instead of hamstring. It’s the same thing but does more damage.

You don’t have to use a slow 2h to level as arms. It only really affects the damage of abilities you get later (Mortal Strike, Whirlwind and Overpower). Overpower is the only one of those abilities you can use before level 36, before that point there’s no reason not to use a fast 2h like Manual Crowd Pummeler or Gargoyle’s Bite. It’s actually beneficial in some ways, because slow weapons tend to overkill by a lot, you’ll probably kill things marginally faster with a faster weapon until you get whirlwind.

Also the faster weapons tend to be much cheaper to buy on the AH.

The main reason to go arms pre-40 is that you have tactical mastery in case you want to tank dungeons. Apart from that yeah fury is fine.

“but it’s not really any different from being a combat rogue”

Rogues at least get access to +hit talents early on.

Lack of hit chance from gear, Mortal Strike is generally better due to weapon damage scaling vs Bloodthirst only scaling on AP. Access to weapons, and having to replace two vs once.

Mainhand maybe less, off hand yes, you still have the DW hit penalty.

You don’t suffer from the DW penalty if you decide to play janky and false queue Heroic Strike.

So if you master the art of wiring HS between your offhand hits and cancelling HS before your main hand hits, you will essentially give yourself a ton of hit % to your offhand.


Having a weapon skill racial helps considerably (+3% hit chance), but also people weren’t aware of how effective it was for grinding lower level mobs back in the day, either. With the knowledge of these two things, it’s much better to level dual wielding in a lot of places.

It is, however, not necessary to actually talent into Fury, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it until at least Enrage was accessible. But you can switch between DW and 2h, and Sweeping Strikes is very useful for opening up on packs in dungeons for threat using a 2h, and then weapon swapping to a different setup to continue.

I’m aware of this, I use it in raids. I think it’s a little much for most people to use leveling but possible for sure. Generally Arms is just better for leveling due to better cleave and Mortal Strike scales off weapon damage (which like it was said before, getting one two-hander is easier than two two-handers).