So where's the dragon flight updates?

What if they keep everything under wraps and dont have an alpha or beta? They just give us a completed game on release day without any type of feedback.

What if i win the lottery without even entering it??

Then you’d probably be vicitm of a Nigerian prince email scam.

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Well… let’s just say that has a higher chance than Blizz not doing a “public” alpha/beta. xD

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i am very curious if they will beta test this for the general public.
they might just in house it all till release.

you can

if you save enough you can “win the lottery” off of interest!

I made 4 pennies for doing nothing!

you need just $5,000,000 to live off of $55k a year!

$2180 and you can have TWO mcdonalds $1 cheeseburgers per month!

they really need to increase the interest rate to atleast 1 quater pounder per month

$5000 and you’ll have 1 quarter pounder per month free!

Well i currently make about $14-15k or so per year after taxes.
So for me to make the same as i do now, i’d need about $1.25 mil or so i guess!

Anyone care to donate? xD

valid but id rather have that for the 2180 you are speaking of.

After making $10 in interest the IRS comes after you for making money! Yay taxes

They come after us quater pounder enjoyers but never the big mac enjoyers.

I live in Romania… it’s above average wage there.

General costs are lower… though some items are higher in comparison.
For example a liter of gas in the USA is $1.3… for us 1 liter of gas is $1.84.

I got my math wrong anyway. You said after tax so its a little higher than minimum here.

I need coffee.

I got an ego boost today, thanks!

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Wait, I’m not wrong! The exchange rate from US dollars to Romanian Leu is 0.21, so 15,000 leu is $3,150 which is less than minimum wage.

Nope, i already transformed/calculated that value, it’s $15k.

Ok, then you might make more than me.

Dumb stupid math and stuff.

Lol when they said soon the first thing I thought of was this:

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They fell for the preorder hype. kek