So when were y'all gonna tell me we get to punch Odyn this expansion?

I’d have joined back up a lot sooner if I knew I’d get to break into Odyn’s house and rough him up a bit.


-You- are not actually allowed to punch Odyn. Only the cool kids, like the local gnomes.


Refresh my memory, why did we want to punch him again? I honestly don’t remember.

Sir, there is a laundry list of reasons as to why that are all valid and involve Odyn being a class A nob.

To motivate you, however, I’ll just tell you that he said you look like a Dork!


Wat?! Next time I see that guy he is so punched!

Also, seriously, what did he do? Is he a villain now? I honestly only remember him as a boss fight in that dungeon from Legion. Oh, and as the quest guy in that other place that I can’t remember also from Legion. But I think he was in disguise the whole time.

Tl:dr mode

  1. refused to elevate the Dragon Aspects which may have made them vulnerable to corruption.

  2. killed and raised his daughter into an undead slave to fetch him souls for his valajar army and turn other vrykul women into more undead slaves.

  3. tore his ENTIRE WING out of Ulduar which might have been the reason Yogg’saron was able to corrupt the other Watchers

There’s more but my break is over.


Wrathion told Vyranoth that storm drakes exist and serve Odyn, so she immediately stormed off (pun mostly intended) to go get them out from under the servitude of a Titan creation.

Wrathion also apparently knows that Odyn traded his eye to the Shadowlands, and knows that Helya was Odyn’s adopted daughter that he killed and turned into a monstrosity for his own benefit - which I thought were in-universe secrets (at least the second one - all I’ve seen in-game was Odyn’s version of events and some vague hints from Helya that would be easy for Odyn to explain away), but he says these things like they were common knowledge. I’m a bit sad we players didn’t have to discover this information first.

Vyranoth talks to the storm drake matriarch, who says “I’d love to come to the Dragon Isles, but I’m sworn to Odyn and he says not to leave”, so Vyranoth storms into Odyn’s house, punches him in the face (well, ice blocks him), and tells the storm drakes “I know you’re loyal, but what if… you weren’t?” and the storm drakes all immediately and wordlessly leave for the Dragon Isles. Yay!

I have also really wanted to punch Odyn in the face for a long time, but this story felt so rushed and unexplained that it somehow managed to take the joy out of it. :cry: How is that even possible?


This sounds absolutely like Blizzard tier storytelling.


Trying to figure out where the lines are between

  • things we as players know but that our characters would probably not know,
  • things our characters know but only because they are Heroes who go places and witness things that even well-informed Azerothians usually do not, and
  • things everybody somehow knows

has a number of times left me uncertain and confused.

One time in the late days of WoD, I was part of an extended disagreement about whether Lich King Bolvar was a secret, in which one person was saying they had seen it happen in the raid and you could go replay the cinematic at the Dalaran monument any time you wanted so therefore it was common IC knowledge, while others said that these were gameplay metafeatures that had no bearing on the fact that, given Bolvar explicitly said the world must be told that he died and be kept from the knowledge of his being the Lich King, only Tirion and probably upper members of the Argent Crusade and Ebon Blade could be presumed to know about it.

A few months later Legion came out and the whole Ebon Blade was serving Lich King Bolvar and exactly zero NPCs ever expressed surprise.

Aside from this type of confusion – I think the phenomenon of learning (as players) so much about the nature of Azeroth’s (and beyond’s) most foundational forces and most enigmatic beings has robbed the setting of a lot of its scope and depth; it feels smaller now – and more artificial – because so much of what used to be the unknowable depths and horizons of existence has been laid bare and portrayed as containable parts of ultimately pretty comprehensible systems (even if those systems don’t always totally make sense). One of the results is that now, when we don’t get told what’s happening or why or what a cosmic being’s end goal is – such as in the case of the Jailor’s plans – it feels arbitrary and annoying rather than natural and intriguing because not knowing these things is no longer to be expected. I used to really want to know what Elune was and where she comes from; now, I very much hope that they never explain any more than they already have.

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Remember that pain in the backside eye thingy that used to watch us and gradually kill us during our daily maw grind?

Odyn did it.

I wanna punch him so hard



…a very tiny part of me misses that cause I’d start playing the Super Metroid escape theme in my head when the Eye of the Jailer debuff maxed out, especially if I was off on the other side of the zone from the exit when it triggered.