So, what type of troll was [SPOILER]

Ok, so according to Mueh’zala, Bwonsamdi was once a priest of him who was ascended into Loahood. Now, Bwonsamdi’s claimed to be ‘here before da trolls’ or ‘before the word troll’ soo he’s got be pretty ancient, right? Now what type of troll was he when he was a mere mortal? Was he a pre-troll? And how long has Mueh’zala been around for? I know Zandalari are the first troll tribe on Azeroth, but could he have been a Dark or Jungle troll? He lacks the scales and upright posture that they have, and he has a thick accent, while they don’t. Mueh’zala also is said to have the ability to shapeshift, soo what we see Bwonsamdi as could just be an illusion, or a ‘Form He’s Comfortable With’. He could also really just be a short troll-like creature too, right?

I’m kind of torn about this

Putting aside the fact that Shadows of the Horde is the very novel getting retconned by this, but in that it’s said that the pre-Zandalar trolls lived in simple tribal societies led by shadow hunters. My guess is that Bwonsamdi dates back to this time, since there was already a shrine to him in the oldest section of the ruins in Nazmir.


Does Bwonsamdi confirm that Muehzala states? It may be that Muehzala is lying to lessen the faith in – and insodoing, thus weaken – his rival.

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I’m betting bwonsamdi Was a dark troll with the way he looks like.


I’ll be so mad if he’s a dark troll.

Yes, he says he gave him power in exchange for something. He dosen’t exactly say what it was, but I’ll take his word for it

(I can’t post links yet, but he mentions it in the Beta quest is called Minions of Mueh’zala)

Blizzard needs to be fired.

Dark Trolls didn’t exist until after the Amani and Gurubashi Empires were already in existence. If he was one of them then he’s a LOT more recent than previously thought.

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Mueh’zala was/is worshipped by the Sandfury trolls, which are an offshoot of the Gurubashi and Amani(?), and the Dark trolls were around after you say? So, if Bwonsamdi was born around the time the Sandfury split off, then yeah he’s recent

Farraki, wasn’t it? Am I wrong?

It’s the same thing really.
Farraki - Sandtroll
Sandfury is the tribe.
It was never really explained why they have two names.
It could come from their past as they had populated a larger area. There are other Troll ruins in Tanaris desert.

That’s never stated. It’s stated in Chronicles that there were a lot of different tribes. They only mentioned the largest ones to simplify everything.


Only of the Gurubashi.


Is it ever stated with certainty that he currently is or ever was a Troll, himself?

Is it possible he was a wayward Titan Creation of some sort who fell into the death business, and he just assumes a Troll form because Muezhala told him it would get the Trolls to trust him?

Or it could be “the form those he needs to worship him will find appealing.” As I sort of stated earlier.

I mean, if that is the case, he could be anything. While Trolls do worship the loa, the loa are not exclusively theirs. The creatures they call loa are sometimes worshiped by Night Elves, Tauren, and others. He could have been a non Troll or a proto Troll of some sort that was a Priest of Muezhala.

I guess stating that he is older than the use of the term troll does not necessarily mean he is one. He looks like one… but Kiljaeden could look like a female Orc when he choose to. And Dragons can look like various mortal races.

I keep thinking he will be something else. But maybe he is just a normal Troll who ascended to Loa-hood somehow, similar to what is happening with Voljin.

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An ancient troll that existed before the race was even called trolls?

Must’ve been a Forum Troll.

He has to have been a Zandalari. They were the original troll breed, the others didn’t come into existence until later. The fact that he has a shrine in Nazmir, which predates the foundation of Zuldazar, means he has to be Zandalari. No other type of troll existed that long ago.

Could he have been one of the first trolls?

If Bwonsamdi has to be a mortal Troll, he would need to be a Zandalari or be from one of the smaller tribes that existed before the Trolls came together to create the original Zandalari Empire.

Either way, from the current descriptions he would also need to be a Shadow-Hunter.


You’re right. That’s what I get for checking a Wowpedia article instead of walking over to my bookcase and taking a minute to check Chronicle vol.1 for myself.

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Why? What’s the issue with dark trolls that makes them worse than other types? Is it because dark trolls are the ones who find the well of eternity and mutate into night elves?

Personally I’d find it hilarious if it turned out Bwonsamdi was just a few generations short of the first trolls who found the well.

In the end though I don’t see why it matters that much which tribe he originated from.


It doesn’t really matter insofar as it would be retconning old lore one way or another.
As stated above by Azighan, if he was a Zandalari, it would contradict his words from SotH where he says he was there “before trolls even called themselves trolls”.
If he was a member of an earlier troll tribe he would have to be a shadow hunter and not a priest, because the Zandalari were the first tribe to establish priesthood.

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That is a falsehood. The Dark trolls existed, along with the other tribes, they just weren’t interested in expanding like the Amani and Gurubashi and lived beneath the earth in places like Mount Hyjal.