So what stat are you stacking in the new dungeons from bounty

For me crit. I got lucky enough to cabalists from heroic sire the other night and remember my decision in bfa with corruptions when i had 60+% crit it made healing so much easy so im doing that again

As disc i should clarify

I tried haste as a disc priest but found it was kind od pointless and i went oom fast.

My haste with my trinket on a haste dps is around 31% so i tried fooling around with others. Vers was a little underwhelming and mastery was least effective. Crit is where its at. 52% crit, 31% hast is so strong. Timed my lower kara 15 when i made the switch for the first time.

Haste as shadow. Mastery is basically the same (give or take, pending gear), and crit isn’t much behind, but haste just feels so much more enjoyable to stack.

Higher keys (only doing 15s at the moment) will probably take vers for the survivability, at least in the karas.