So what is the plan?

where are you going? did the game die off already? huh?

I am not going anywhere, that was in response to the dude saying that it is losing subs because of phase 2…but I guess reading the hole thing to get the context of it all is a bit to hard.

Actually that existed in classic. They are called normal servers. You turn war mode on by typing /pvp and then you turn it off in a friendly area by typing the same.

Blizzard took away choice in BFA with war mode as there are no longer pvp servers where everyone is force flagged on contested areas.

So the OP is welcome to roll on a normal server (that is Blizzards term for a PVE server) and then he can opt in and out of pvp.

Everyone including the mice in their pockets knew there would be a large number of players leaving after a couple months. The entire point of the pop levels as they are is in light of that.

If players don’t want to play, that is going to expectations. Changing classic to artificially retain those players would be an extreme blow to the entire point of the project.

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There are no downsides to a significant decreasing of subscriptions? Hmmm…

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There is nothing to “fix” about the outrage.

This is how vanilla was, except this time around players are a lot smarter about how it works and no-life more so Blizz is accelerating the release schedule.