So what, exactly do non-raiders get to work on for Season 4?

i normally am but lately the demands and foot stomping is making it harder to take their side.

And those of us complaining about the choice aren’t stupid and don’t give a crap. There were ways to accommodate open world players into their “experiment” and they chose not to.

Maybe stop trying to explain stuff that’s completely irrelevant.

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Or ill just use the forum.

Have a great night

I honestly don’t see it as a persecution complex. Blizzard dropped the ball on this one, big time. If Pepper hadn’t asked, noone would have known until Tuesday when everyone popped into LFR and got no achievements. This was just a scummy move from Blizzard. Or incompetent for putting the “all difficulties on fated” achieves into the game.


So if they threw in like 2 hours of questing you’d be happier?

Will they be unable to get tier gear and weapons in s4?

We shouldn’t ever be aiming for another WoD level content drought anyway, so why they would be experimenting towards it be a good idea.

And whilst I agree that is more on terms with what they actually are experimenting, their actual communication has not been about raids and participation in general, but actually the gearing systems.

I dont understand this logic. MMO means mass multiplayer online but yeah you are solo but still expect the same rewards as people willing to do what mmos imply ? The stupid mount should be on lfr but your reasoning behind is 100% wrong. If you only intend on playing by yourself why are you playing a mmo


The gearing system for raiders though. With a specific focus on heroic/mythic gearing interaction, as usual. How much of that writeup on gearing applies to people who don’t participate in premade raiding? A tiny bit, maybe?

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Another elitist, separatist in a video game. Oh, please.

I have a strong feeling that anyone with elitist positions in a game, have never done anything to have a decent position in actual life. If you play a game to put yourself on some elitist pedestal, then you’re not playing for the proper reasons, and most likely lack actual social skills.

If you’re going to bash people for “not taking part in content of an MMO” and being introverted, A) you have the wrong idea of introversion. B) At the same time, you want to separate us from precious YOU.

So, do you want us to be a part of the game or not? Or just on your terms?

Correction I’m choosing not to risk my health because I’m mentally disabled try considering that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to happily play raids without risking having a panic attack

Problem is, like most people that complain about others…he has no idea what he’s complaining about.

Everyone agrees that this stupid mount isnt worth all of this fuss its just a cosmetic item after all. Put it in lfr boom done everyone wins

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I fully agree, it’s just a mount, but the elitist boi wants to be able to wave it in everyone’s face about how hArDkOrE he is :roll_eyes:

You can solo normal and lfr with over half of the raid dead and ignoring 90% of the mechanics with brute force. People need to wake up and realize even if you force people they wont raid and they wont care to

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Immature viewpoint based on anti-fact.

What do you mean you people?

Trying to move to a model where there’s only one new raid each expansion, with multiple seasons and affixes and rewards. The Mythic + of raiding.

One new expansion a year. Each one with a new $69.99 buy-in.

Eventually getting to a point where there’s no new expansions and just revived seasons of legacy expansions.

Eventually getting to a point where you buy a new season a couple of times a year, or buy a tier of “premium rewards” for a season and the game otherwise goes F2P. The difference between getting basic gear and maybe a pet for total completion versus fancy-looking high iLvl gear with titles and mounts becomes which tier you’re paying for, not the difficulty of the content.

I keep editing in new awfulness as it occurs to me and I really need to stop because I feel like it’s going to get emailed to a department head in monetization.


Ooft I think you are too close to the truth on this one. If we don’t hear from you for awhile we’ll knoe what’s happened lol.

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HappiER? maybe. Happy? hell no. It doesn’t take two hours to get the achievements, it didn’t take two hours to finish the campaign (it was time gated), and getting all the mounts and pets doesn’t take just 2 hours.

The campaign quest line itself was very little content.

There are still many things non raiders can work on in S4.

I am willing to bet the average non raider does not have 100% of mounts and pets from SL. meaning they can still work on that.

There is still m+.