So what do you actually dislike about 9.1?

You don’t have to blitz them at all. Its easy in a group when you overgear it and have people pulling + doing damage + saving souls vs. One person doing it all themselves.

I got flawless in both runs I did solo and I was by no means speeding through. Group play is just that much more efficient right now.

They haven’t given me any yet.

That despite after 7 months of waiting it still doesn’t offer me a reason or any incentive to actually log in and consume the content. I get more enjoyment roleplaying around Orgrimmar than I do actually playing the game, now.


Nah it’s actually a fairly recent development. Used to be that you could raid as soon as you got level cap or when a new patch came out.

Wasn’t until a couple expansions ago (MoP I want to say? Maybe WoD?) where Blizzard started staggering raid releases.

Personally though I’m a fan of that. Actually getting to see the non-Raid content before I go hard on progression is nice.

Every 5 star run I’ve had is because I took my time to kill every rare and smash every jar I could find.

Completing the run and not dying gets you wayyyy more score than just bumrushing to the end as fast as you can.

New Torments definitely suck though. Unavoidable CC is never fun to play around.

The toxicity I’ve already seen with the Fallen Charger is a bit shocking. Some groups are very friendly and patient, but others act as if it’s every man for himself.

I dislike the fact I have no desire to finish the intro questline. I am guessing I am half way through Korthia unlock. I realized I was doing it just to finish the questline as opposed to wanting to do it. So, I logged. May try it again in a few weeks if I get bored.

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The fact I’m having more fun playing another mmo. When I would much rather be playing my favorite mmo. Torghast timers and torments, I would not play visions the first time around, I will never do torghast now.


nothing about the patch directly, just borken addons awaiting updates by their authors

Not all patches have the performance issues this one does, but that is indeed a pretty minor element.

Korthia feels largely unfinished, and this is likely (hopefully?) due to the absurd amounts of time-gating involved with it. For a zone that is supposed to carry outdoor questing for this patch, it’s underwhelming to say the least (though it is pretty to look at in some spots).

Even the cut scene for the BfA face-off felt really unpolished in spots, and not up to the usual Blizzard quality level… but this is a pretty minor point

The overabundance of spots where movement abilities are limited is kind of boring as well (heroic leap / warlock portal aren’t usable in many areas, chains are blocked off, using a glider in certain areas is an insta-kill, etc). None of that is “fun”.

The rest of the dislikes so far for me are just the time gating and associated metering out of power, whether it’s the knowledge tree, or renown, or box of many things, etc. The game has far too much focus on a player retention via IV drip rather than outright entertainment.

One positive from this so far is that Torghast is more fun than it has been. Completion is now a worthwhile endeavor, and there are some new rares / abilities that are pretty interesting as well.

This was how i played. even in mort’regar that doesn’t have the unavoidable CC torment i was only able to get 144 points even not dying.

How were you using your Empower buff? That seems to play a pretty big part in your score.

Also how’d you get in Mort? This weeks wings are Upper and Skoldus.

Chests vanishing too fast. Its hard enough making your way to some of them plus the aggro of the mobs.

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Not at all in the first run because it didn’t even last a single pull. I used it every chance i got the 2nd run because i heard there’s score tied to using it. It got me 4 points.

Hmm, I got like 40ish points from using mine.

What was your time frame for completing it? I had to be under 20 mins or so to get the full score for time.

Like 45 minutes. The par time is how long it takes to clear a floor because blood dk not a lot of dps. I don’t die (unless stunned by BS i can’t avoid) i can pull basically as much as mobs will leash. But they don’t die particularly fast.

Only complaint I have right now is the items required to loot Rune Chits despawn way too fast in Korthia. I think they despawn in about 30s after the first person loots it.

It turns a quest that in theory could take 15-20 minutes into one that takes hours.

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It’s more “meh” than actual dislike.

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It’s just 40 more renown. A new PvP season and raid. Add a touch of rare spawns and extremely low drop rates. Repeat for next patch.


Ah. I did it as a Boomkin so 18-19 min clears are pretty easy since I can just explode bosses (which tend to be the main time-sink on my tank alts) in literal seconds.

Next week I need to pay way more attention to the score breakdown.

Silver lining though is that bad runs won’t matter til next week when you can actually unlock the Adamant Vaults.

Should you use the buff every time you get it? I was holding it for the end for each mini boss.