So we found a FOV change, and Blizzard are already fixing it to limit back to 90


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Why is it always a human paladin with these anti-social opinions?


I know all toons aren’t humans, but humans are the basic model.

From that article - we have about a 114 degree field of vision horizontally.

I see no reason to limit it to 90. That’s artificially narrow. 120 seems a reasonable “round up” for it.


Did you guys read the blue post update? They are working on a fix, they have not yet fixed it.

For as many times as I run into trees… You be dead wrong

And for what it’s worth, anything above 90 stopped working for me late last night and it still didn’t work this morning. But in the afternoon, it started to work again and I only realized it because when I logged in, the camera was zoomed mega far out again :slight_smile:

114 degrees in a physical plane vs a moving picture on an otherwise 2d screen. Anything above a games standard resolution has extreme negatives such as fish bowling.

Feeling better vs feeling actual sickness is what i’d like to call motion sickness, part of the issue with a lot of games for people with motion sickness is motion blur, arguably the worst setting in existence which is why most people turn it off.

If you have motion sickness while playing games, why are you playing high intensity games (aka moving screens constantly) in the first place? If you’re that keen, hook your pc up to a tv and grab the controller addon and play from there or much better yet, a wireless mouse and keyboard.


Just stop.

If someone is getting sick while playing a video game, and then they find an option that allows them to play without getting sick, that option should be supported by the developers even if there are drawbacks. Most games these days, especially FPS games, have customizable FOV sliders to prevent the people playing them from getting sick.

If you’re seriously going to sit there and tell someone that they should have to live with getting sick when there’s a way for the developers to, quite easily mind you, make a change that allows these people to not get sick, you can go step on a lego.


How about you stop. Most games where and FOV slider exists in the first place are games inherently designed with first person perspective. Games inherently fast paced and high intensity. Those are the games that make people feel motion sick in the first place.

Also I don’t know anyone who’s capable of getting motion sick in an otherwise static designed MMORPG.

High FOV feels good because in some capacity for some people it helps with a level of claustrophobia, others it feels good to see more on screen at once. With how long I’ve been playing by far the largest reason if any were given for high FOV is being able to see more.

If seeing more is what you’re after, a 2.6 times slider zooms extremely far out to the point where under vanilla ui, name plates above heads are blurry unintelligible messes.

I dOn’T kNoW aNyOnE wHo’S cApAbLe oF gEtTiNg MoTiOn SiCk In An OtHeRwIsE sTaTic dEsIgNeD MmOrPg.

The OP is literally saying they get sick. What, are you just ignoring them and other players who have come out and said that Blizzard needs to keep the FOV option? Read the room.


Riddle me this.

What reason does OP have to flick the camera like its counter strike?
What DPI settings are they using?

If they’re getting motion sick in WoW they should stop doing camera flicks, or reducing DPI settings to something a bit more comfortable (if it isn’t already slow)

Plenty of ways to reduce or prevent motion sickness in an otherwise inherently slow designed game.

ive never seen someone reach so hard to limit a qol option that makes a lot of sense to have


Because I tank, and anyone in melee would know that running around picking up enemies, turning around to check on your group, there’s a lot of movement involved, I can’t just sit there are stare forward all day, makes you wonder if that’s why we see so many bad players, they don’t care for what they cannot see. Being able to zoom out and see a lot more of the environment means I can see what is further behind me, what is to the sides more, it means I simply don’t have to move my camera as much, it’s not rocket surgery to understand this.

Now if I played ranged sure, not so bad, but unfortunately I don’t always get to play as ranged.


So PvP cries spoil things again?

A 2.6 zoom slider achieves the same if not better FOV. If it isn’t a raid, your group should be directly behind you which in itself doesn’t require a ton of movement. You also don’t need to flick the camera left and right either.

Now the only issue I have with the zoom slider is the inability to lock it at a specific distance.

I’m not saying you’re wrong for wanting a much larger field of view, but the zoom slider achieves the same thing if applied right and it also reduces the movement needed to see what’s off to the sides.

As I said there are plenty of ways to reduce or eliminate it.

If you don’t want to google the /console for the zoom slider, advanced settings addon has it readily available. I don’t recommend a 2.6x slider though, unless you like vanilla name plates (even if you use custom name plates, your name above your head is vanilla) is a blurry mess.

You don’t get to decide what other people need to do in order to tank. Like, seriously, check yourself. “Oh, you don’t need to do that.” are you in dungeons with the OP? Are you seeing how they tank and how the group they’re with behaves when they’re in a dungeon?

I can tell you from experience of my own, depending on the group, tanking can require a LOT of camera movement, and I’m honestly lucky that I don’t get sick from constant camera movements, but if I did, there would be some groups that would just make me puke.

Also not all dungeons/raids allow for maxed out zoom. Sure, I can max out my zoom, but the moment I go indoors, depending on the height of the roof, oop the camera is going to launch itself closer to my character, then it’s going to go back and forward like a yoyo, especially if there are multiple rooms with different ceiling heights or low archways that the camera has to move under.

Also this is honestly laughable…

You’ve literally said that it won’t help the OP. You’re literally arguing against people asking Blizzard to support this unofficial part of the code. So what you are saying, quite clearly, is that you do think it’s wrong for them to want a larger field of view. If you legitimately thought that it wasn’t wrong for them to want this, you wouldn’t be posting in opposition to it.


Now you’re being pretty sad for someone who most likely spends their time in goldshire.

Honestly if you can’t understand than just leave. No point being mean about it and talking down to people just because you want everything your way.


That’s your response? Someone calls you out for your BS and you trot out the ‘oh they’re a Goldshire character’.

You have literally argued in favour of people continuing to be sick while playing this game, and for what? What negative does this impose on you? Nothing, it doesn’t affect you at all.

Go away.