So we can't do premades anymore

Yeah, next it will be premades vs premades only. Happy then?

So why do we have same faction queues in TBC(Which never existed in original TBC) if Alliance is winning so much?

If its as you claim why would they need it? Youd have tons of Ally queueing up with their supposed high winrates?

Simple answer, because what you are claiming is b.s.

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We have h v h bc horde queues were 1hr + before this it has nothing to do with alliance winning or losing. And we have the 5 man cap bc premades make it not fun for most of us (including alliance btw, horde would premade nonstop during same faction queues if the cap wasn’t put in)

Please research before posting you seem very out of the loop.

You also seem very bitter like a lot of alliance around here.

It literally has nothing to do with win rates lol. And I could find the blizz post that says alliance and horde win loss is 50 50 if you like.

Why do people like you argue for the sake of being in an argument? You don’t know what you’re talking about

LMAO so Alliance not queueing had nothing to do with winning or losing?

How can you possible believe that?

If Alliance were winning as often as you claim why would your queues have been so long before h vs h?

I’m not bitter, I’m just not delusional like you are.

It’s simply impossible for your queues to be so long if Alliance were winning as often as they were.

The faction population numbers aren’t that far off from 50/50 Alliance just aren’t queueing for bgs because winning 10% of games because Horde have better racials isnt fun.

Ok you really don’t know how this works lol.

Queue times have nothing to do with win loss rates, and everything to do with how many horde/alliance queue at once. Many more horde queue for pvp than alliance, hence why horde queue times are so long bc the matchmaking system before same faction bg’s would only queue alliance vs horde.

And just a sec, let me find where blizzard says you are wrong about win loss rates.

Please read this entire blue post.

Now settle down and learn more about the game.

Go back to retail if you don’t like premades

uhh, i despise retail and quit retail forever mid-cata, thanks for exposing that you’re a low iq troll to everyone.

Its really yet another hit to Ally. Horde pugs are undeniably better on average. Premades were one of the one areas Ally could even the score, and they took those away. Everything they’ve done is just astonishingly tone-deaf

Premade vs premade its a simple fix group size greater than 3 only paired with other groups with equal or greater size.

And then in the same statement you say…

I am so confused… Do you even know what your saying?

Alliance pugs losing 80% of their games and 90% of AV’s is a large part of the reason that so few alliance queue outside of premades. Even with the instant queues, after losing game after game with half your team afk or in pve spec you stop queueing. This snowballs as more alliance quit queueing and you get horde with 1 hour plus queues.


So you can que with a group of 5. 5 people alone that communicate can 100% change the outcome of a bg. Just because you are not Queuing with 10 people now does not destroy the social aspect of warcraft. Even more now with alliance getting the small bonus of supplies for queuing up.

Love it or hate it, random bgs are not competitive. Just a bg. If you qued for bgs in a premade than you should have only fought another premade. Aka rated battled grounds. So sounds like you just enjoy pug stomping for fast honor rather than playing a evenly matched opponent.

Pick your four bestest friends and queue up. Seems like a great middle ground to all the pug stomping and GY farming while still allowing for folks to enjoy BGs with friends.

Can’t wait to queue up later and give this a shot!

Obviously, premades stomping pugs is not a good thing. The reason there is animosity here is that blizzard has made yet another change that disproportionately screws over the alliance. The no changes meta was long horde queues (their fault for faction stacking), horde dominate pug games (also a result of their faction stacking), and alliance lose everything except for premades (also a result of faction stacking). Blizzards changes have done nothing but address the negatives of the no changes horde meta, while amplifying or ignoring the alliance issues.

So - in nerfing premades, they took away the main way that serious alliance pvpers were gearing. Of course this is annoying, as it makes our pvp experience worse to improve the hordes. It should come as no surprise that this pisses alliance players off.

Also, virtually every single major PvP issue is caused by, or a symptom of, the horde faction stacking. Queue times, win rates, over prevalence of premades (due to bad win rates) etc etc. and blizzard has done zero to address the actual issue here.


What they need to do is remove racials, enable faction transfers, and undo all the mess they’ve created. EoTS flag caps, premades, etc.

And you can say that’s not classic. Whatever. Racials have caused so many issues in this game. We are going to have the same problem in Wrath when humans get the pvp trinket racial. They need to just remove them.

Either that or let us select our racial abilities.

I agree with that except for the racials. Alliance racials are good, and removing them would literally guarantee that the alliance is screwed for ever. The only chance at fixing pvp faction balance is wotlk H to A transfers for every man. As an allaince player, i am completely against removing racials - i want to have my racial in wotlk.

Tbh, im at the point of just halving the cost of the honor gear. It has become so insanely toxic, and nobody is happy. Just screw it. Nobody likes farming it, we can’t make everybody happy, so F it.

I think it’s lame needing to pre-made vs pugs in order to win, Alliance as a whole needs to improve and stop swapping over to Horde because of the perceived advantage Horde has.

If the best players all move to horde because of racials what do you expect

Agreed, they need to just do premade vs premade.

Current fix is a good start though

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Seal of Blood says what?