So uhh, can I not do campaign on alts after buying TWW and using boost?

Hey all!

So I bought TWW and wanted to experience Dragonflight since it came included and it’s only expansion I didnt play since beta. I boosted a character right away to take advantage of pvp weekend and farm honor and now I’m working my way through campaign on my other characters taking advantage of 19th anniversary XP boost.

However I just noticed I’m not getting campaign progress on my alt, I’ve cleared the first three zones following main storyline but when I check progress it tells me to do “Orientation quests” which are basically for boosted characters I assume? The boosted character DOES show all campaign quests.

Do I have to complete the campaign on the boosted character first? Can’t I do it all on my alt and get credit for completing all chapters? I thought it would be like Shadowlands were I could pick between skipping to end-game with dailies or re-doing story but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

Doing it on alt counts for Achievement progress even if you don’t see it reflected in campaign chapter tracker. The boosted toon gets the achievements.