So the only way to solo farm is cheesing/exploiting?

Seems like this game was designed for mages only…

Hahaha some people might say “this game was designed for warriors” with how many there are in the game :slight_smile:

Still curious btw.

It’s mages, warriors and rogues but of those 3 mages are the clear winners, there is nothing they are not good at.

I’m fairly confident that stealth, lockpicking, and being able to pickpocket half of BRD are not something I’m good at.

The battles have I have fought for flowers have been epic to say the least. The contest for plaguebloom is truly awesome, especially the battles for black lotus.

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Sounds like a challenge, maybe that’s more fun than looking online to figure everything out.

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Really many of the issues are just time or detail related and not truly terrible. At its core the game design is very solid and shows how well engineered the plans actually are considering that countless private servers and even Blizzard has managed to keep audiences interested in this version of the game now for almost 16 years.

Classic is by no means perfect, but in all reality it’s maybe the best designed mmorpg ever released to date, even better in reality than what I consider the best version. I say that because even though I love TBC, this is the version that draws players in time and time again, this is the version no matter how many flaws we point out actually holds up on its own without any major problems and at the same time is capable of drawing a really impressive volume of players.

This is something I cannot claim for TBC or even Wrath servers that launch on their own. BC and Wrath do get some decent populations going, but the stone cold truth is they just don’t stack up vs Vanilla, and that’s why we are here, because Vanilla with all its little problems is really a very very good game.

The second time I quit playing Retail was early Legion. I’d set up a 6-month sub, and cancelled it less than two months in. I still played up until the day it ended, though I focused on Cata zones and Draenor zones where I was having fun. I still posted on the forums until the day it ended, hoping against hope Blizzard would improve things.

Some may resub, but it’s not true of everyone.

Really sad gameplay tbh, everything is so stupidly group gated that in order to do anything solo you have to cheese and exploit, what a garbage game.

You mean that a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game is centered around group content, not solo players? < shocked pikachu face >

You can do plenty of things solo. I’ve been solo farming Argent Dawn rep by gathering scourgestones, and am almost to Exalted. I solo farmed to get mats so I could get the Orb of the Darkmoon when DMF first came out. I solo leveled from 1 to 60 on my main.

Some things you are not SUPPOSED to be able to do solo, like DM jump runs or solo tribute runs, or one-pulls of Maraudon. It is only exploiting/cheesing that lets people do those things, because, shocker, they are designed as group content, in an MMO.

Just because it’s an MMO doesn’t mean you should be completely handicaped if you want to do some dungeons solo, all that crap about being an MMO etc. doesn’t justify the lack of things you should be able to do solo, it’s pathetic.

There’s plenty to do solo and I solo dungeons every once in a while when I’m in the mood.

There definitely isn’t a lack of things to do and most content that you can’t solo is designed specifically as group content (Raids.)

While I agree that a game being an MMO shouldn’t mean you have to have a group to do anything, I don’t think it’s a problem to require a group for some things, or even require you to do some things solo.


You should be handicapped doing group content as a solo player. That is why it is ‘group’ content. Hell, trying to take on an Elite, at level, you are far more handicapped in the encounter as a solo than you would be as part of a group.

There is plenty of things you can do solo, and there always has been. Only retail players think that, just because you can’t faceroll everything as a solo, it means they are somehow being oppressed.

The fact of the matter is that this game is PATHETIC in how it handles group content and FORCING you to do anything meaningful in a group if you want to do any relevant dungeon for your level you need a group period, the game is balanced around groups 100% which makes every character a little useless coward that can’t do anything alone. It is so bad that it shows in how not even the strongest solo classes can do anything to how blatantly broken they made the mobs so they are unable to be killed solo or even in a duo, it is NOT real difficulty is CHEESE DIFFICULTY.

Even in EverQuest you could solo in dungeons and farm, this game just took everything that game did and put it on rails for CHILDREN and foreced everyone to group because they knew the average people playing this game would be kids.

You can also solo content in games like Ragnarok Online, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Path of Exile, Dragon Nest etc. Is just the stupid games that copy the TRASH WoW forumla where you can’t, so asking what games let you play solo when most of the games in the market are WoW clones is stupid, but there are, you just don’t know them because you people keep playing this garbage forumla stablished by WoW.

How many days is it until your subscription runs out and you’re gone?

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