So the only way to solo farm is cheesing/exploiting?

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People who are really quitting actually quit, they don’t make announcements on the forums. People who say they’re quitting on the forums are just desperate for attention.


I actually like to leave my criticism for garbage products before stop using them for other people to see.

Uh-huh, sure. Because people on the WoW forums are clearly going to be unaware of any flaws in the game. If you actually wanted to leave feedback for other people to see, then it would be on review sites where, y’know, people go for user reviews of games.

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Agree, and will add that I think there is also a self motivation component… “I’m really gonna quit this time… I mean it!”.


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That’s classic bro. That’s how it be

What games do you feel accomplish this, out of curiosity?

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Professions work just fine for gold making, as does farming cloth and raw gold. You don’t have to do the “300G PER HOUR MULTIBOX RAID TRASH FARM SUPREME” to get rich. I made 2kg in about 9 days of farming Mining/Engineering.

It’s a 15 year old game and you can’t figure out farming spots that don’t rely on dungeon pathing?

It means not only are you bad at the game but you’re bad at using basic internet search also.

yeah… sorry

by the looks of your character… no offense, but you probably have no idea whats going on large scale with the game.

Lol what? How did you arrive at that conclusion from his avatar lol

nvm 10char

Some of us are just looking forward to the day we no longer have to wade through the nonsense you post on the forum. If you’re anything like this on your server I suspect many there are looking forward to the same thing

I am guessing you are not really looking for something to farm but if you truely where. Kill twilight guys in silithus. They spawn fast. They drop high level items, cloth, pots, texts, summoning sets. Summon templar they drop a crest+ chance if item. There is always pvp there.

If that’s not fun, nothing will be because you dont like playing the game or your class solo.

Gonna be honest the only reason I come to the forums is to see classic neckbeards freakout any time someone dare insult this 16 year old game with a lot of issues. Just the thought of you quitting is making these people salty af


lol actually we don’t care at all if he quits. But he’s not quitting. He’s saying he’s quitting, then just posting nonsensical threads every day saying “oh in sixteen days…THEN I’ll quit”

Also, he has very minimal experience in the game, so his tirades are entirely unwarranted. It’s like the McDonald’s fry cook telling the businessman he’s cooking fries for all the reasons he hates Wall Street, and using his McDonald’s experience as his primary source of information. It’s asinine.

Indeed, rose tinted fanboy glasses.

Mage is the best gold farmer and there are heaps of runs you can do without exploiting/cheesing the AI. But yeah the youtubers are obsessed with being the most “Efficient” so they will cheese the AI.