So the only purpose of leveling nowadays is to get weaker

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Didn’t we have an xpack where you’d get random new talents every level or two already? I’d love to have new talents when I gain a level these days. Things like looking forward to getting Bladestorm or Titan’s Grip was a real motivator for me back in the day to keep on playing. These days it’s just Ilvl and RaiderIO for most people.
I understand that Blizzard has been pruning abilities in the last few xpacks but currently getting your Heart of Azeroth from level 21 to 22 isn’t exactly a “pop the champagne” kinda moment.

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I also think you can add level boosts to that as well. So Blizzard could make those extra dollars.

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Blizz should give us a button to press so that we don’t have to play. Seriously it is what it is and is it really that bad?

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Weird considering my hunter fresh 120 did like 1/3 a mobs health with aimed shot and now does 2/3 or so at 350. Weird.

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Duvalnil, thanks for taking the time to explain and clarify.

(Duvainil) #109

lower level grinding…yes. many would like to see pre 7.3 (think this the patch that changed levelling) days. Newer players who did not see pre 7.3…would like these days lol.

See they made this not so bad long ago. 7.3 is where the lower end game put the mobs on HP steroids. And made it grindy.

For no real viable reason. No law says oh you are level 60…leave to go to the land of ice and snow as level 60 is now locked and you can never return.

Stay a while and listen if you must…just turn on show trivial quests. see that story and let others who want to move faster do so.

Scaling of 110-120 I just wish if we must have it it was better designed. It likes and hates classes and specs in classes differently. Some have it harder than others here.

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This! Exactly this! 340 item level hunter, and paladin should one shot all legion trash. In most cases yes, but you know item leveling is wonky in places when your 340 paladin has to go through just about a full rotation to kill a 110 mob lol. happens around suramar often. Thought it might be because of a latency issue at first. But pinging under 80 most of the time says otherwise. It is not the mob scaling in general that kills the feeling of progression, it’s the frickin item level scaling that kills it! It is messed up in a lot of zones, and seriously doubt they even know how to fix it lol.


My feelings exactly.

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Not really. I leveled from 110 the moment BfA went live. Get to 330 and world trash becomes mostly trivial again. Get to 370 and it dies faster than you can blink. Scaling isn’t as bad as people make out.

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That’s not the issue. I felt like a god when I walked into the new content at 110. I felt like a slightly lesser god when my level boosted toon with pre-patch gear and no legendaries walked into new content. And then with every level, I felt decidedly less godlike, until I was literally pulling single mobs and popping all my CDs to stay alive.

Then I hit cap and was finally able to grind up over 330, and things started to become less horrible.

I know the trendy complaint is that it’s level scaling, but the real issue is that the level scaling is being done BADLY. Leveling up should, from 110 to cap, give us incremental increases against the mobs. We shouldn’t feel like we’re being struck with a crippling disease from 115 to 120 and then slowly recovering as our ilvl finally outstrips the mob scaling.

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well hate to play devils advocate here but isnt life like that too… fight your way through life, families, mortgages and finally get old weaker and die… at least in game youre saved the despair age brings…

And yes it an suck to hit 120 and feel weaker but its a challenge over a killing spree and thats alright.

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I mean yes, I’m geared for World stuff. But trash mobs don’t require me to blow CD’s. They DID when I was 290, and it hurt like heck. But that is such a short gear-ratio. You’re past it before you can blink.

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The game that handles this madness best imho is Guild Wars 2. There is no power decrease or obsolescence of items whenever a new expansion drops. There’s just new content. Pick RIGHT up where you left off. Even with the gear treadmill dead, you still have players playing through the new content. Why? Because it’s new content. Simple enough a reason. The best part is that the previous expansions are never trivialized. If you or your guild ever gets bored of the current expansion, you can just move back to an older one and work on progression there.

Imagine being sick of BfA, and the guild decides “Going back to ICC sounds so much fun. I haven’t been there in years.” Guildy 2 says “I wasn’t playing at the time, I’d love to try the raid out.” And so you go to ICC and try to reach the Lich King, picking up some completely relevant loot while you’re at it.


Read a couple posts regarding this and figure I put my two cents in:

I think I found a workaround for scaling in BFA. It’s probably not the best tactic but, meh, it might keep me interested. The idea I propose is turning off xp at 112 or 113 and finishing the first 2 out of 3 zones (although I probably would do all 3 zones instead) then turn it back on to finish the other 3 zones and still have plenty to do at 120. Between 112 and 114 (provided you have a legendary from Legion), that seems to be a pretty good spot to mow down BFA mobs and still feel sort of powerful. At least, that’s the theory.

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I’ve played since vanilla, and I like this system.

(Kaath) #120

There are plenty of alternative leveling paths.

(Bastadog) #121

I don’t get all the crying about this. It seriously isn’t that big a deal. Leveled up a couple toons now and frankly I barely notice the scaling. On my list of things in BFA that annoy me it ranks … hmmm … looking … flips a few pages … nope not even on the list.

(Stabalicious) #122

Let’s be clear here. We don’t get weaker - mobs get more powerful.

The reason why this occurs is because of the existence of endgame content.

Example: You level from 1-60, getting progressively stronger and stronger, and the mobs scale with you. You don’t notice any drop in power because the relative difficulty of the mobs has remained constant. (i.e. level 40 player, fighting level 40 mobs, in level 40 (green/blue) gear)

Once you get 60 however, the mob difficulty flatlined, and you kept getting stronger via dungeon and raid content. Fully geared (if you had kept leveling past 60) you are roughly equal to a level 66 player, facing against level 60 mobs. You are now noticably more powerful than the average level 60 mob.

Now TBC releases, and you have to level up to 70. The mobs you are facing at level 60 have not changed, so you plow through them with ease. But you start to notice around level 66 that mobs have gotten significantly harder. What actually happened is the world started to catch up to you, not you getting weaker.

This is necessary because in order for there to be an endgame at level 70, you have to start at level 70 the same way you started at level 60 - equal to the world around you. (level 70 player, fighting level 70 mobs, in level 70 (green/blue) gear)

You now go into TBC endgame and get significantly more powerful than the world around you until the next expansion - in which the cycle repeats.

The only way to really fix this sense of “losing power” is to either level a new character from 1-120 (so the world scales with you all the way up) - or to eliminate endgame entirely (therefore drastically increasing the time it takes to level) so that when you get 120 you have finally beat the game.

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Need an overhaul of the current failed scaling system if anything. Scaling’s broken beyond anything atm.


Of course when a new expansion comes out, we need to start weak. But we should gradually feel stronger as we level up through the new content. The current system, you feel progressively weaker as you level up. This is poor game design. Leveling from 115 to 116 should not make you feel weaker against the same mobs!

A better system has you start weak in new content, but get more powerful feeling as you level through it. Once you are done leveling, however, things are fine as you now use gear acquisition to feel stronger.