So the darkshore warfront, can we do it now? or do we have to wait?

(Yunzhu) #65

Where do you find this stuff?

(Clasmenethil) #66

The Alliance went super sayain and destroyed the Horde once and for all and saved Azeroth.

Deyndlin you are smart you were able to find out the truth on how to stop Horde we just need to go super sayain or get a sayain from space to join our cause. XD


OP, your expectations are too high. BFA is all about waiting for content to show up. We have continued to wait. Maybe the next expansion will have it?

(Righteous) #68

The PTR is showing 385 quest reward.
And not enough players on the PTR (at least Alliance side) to be able to queue for it.
I waited an hour, you never showed up.

(Duvainil) #69

lol. this week for alliance I was motivated to care. Add on fopr damage had me top of the list most of the time. I was trying for top spot. Came in 3rd at the end. I guess 2 dps woke up for the gate crash bit lol…


Is that due to just seeing the “Tides of Vengeance, Battle for Darkshore” and not seeing the rest of the content? Or was the blog content also confusing?

Or like, do people know what “Tides of Vengeance” is? :slight_smile:

I know it’s been mentioned, but just making sure people know that we’ve also shortened the cycle for the first two weeks of the Warfront so that players from both factions will have access to it and all its rewards prior to the holidays.

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In your own way, ya still favored us.

And it’s one of the few things you got right. Kudos.

(Tinúviel) #72

Even though it doesn’t benefit me personally and it’s hoRdE bIaS, I’m glad you guys are doing this. Lets people enjoy some of the new content before they’re out with their families for the winter, and that’s just generally the right thing to do.

So I reread the blog post previewing the Darkshore warfront; there’s one thing there I’d like to clarify - with the updated warfront table UI, how will we know which warfront our contributions are going towards? Will the quests be labeled “Darkshore” or “Stromgarde” etc? Will they be going to both, even?

And the following: “Players will be able to earn new night elf (Alliance) or Forsaken (Horde)–themed Warfront armor sets, as well as a new Service Medal currency, by taking part in various activities in the Warfront.” Are these “various activities” found within the warfront instance or are they the once-per-cycle completion quest and any associated World Quest content in the area? I guess what I’m really asking with this one is - do I get service medals from killing the enemy boss? Because I really want that moonsaber, and that’s a lot of service medals to farm if they’re from such a limited source.


Oh boy, once again the Horde gets a head start in the process thanks to… No reason? Ya’ll gonna just keep throwing the Alliance under the bus?

(Tinúviel) #74

I play exclusively Alliance, so let me explain why I’m not being thrown under any buses here.
Ordinarily, content releases during mid-December are virtually nonexistent because people are on holiday spending time with family and friends. For people like me who spend this time pretty much the same as the rest of the year(the family lives 3000 miles away) who want to play something new… this is that.

And by giving us this release they can keep us busy until the raid opens up after the holidays are over. Now off my tangent and back to your point…
The Horde has families too. People who play this game happen to have real world obligations to spend time with their families. Shortening the warfront cycle for the holiday is hardly insulting, and is in fact exactly the kind of gesture Blizzard must do more.
Like. It’s literally Christmas, mate.

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You guys started with it at start of BFA and complained about the 370 item. So now horde starts with world boss and you guys get 370 item. Calm down.

(Mintos) #76

The B. net App is showcasing 8.1, which in some way indicates to players that the content is live. In this case, it is not.

(Starlagosa) #77

Wish I could give something to help with the delusions!:alien:

(Nightshine) #78

Yeah, when do we actually get to play the Warfront? The first Warfront we had to wait like 3 weeks or some bullcrap to actually get to queue as Alliance. You guys need to remove the idiotic cycle of turn-ins, queue, have access to quests, etc. The whole thing creates arbitrary restrictions, players cannot rely on the timetable, and everyone just gets frustrated. Let us queue for the gd warfronts when we feel like doing a gd warfront… otherwise watch it continue to fail.


Good way to get a punt, hahaha


I will tell you what would be nice for the warfronts…a library of the gear that can drop. It would be nice to know what gear is possible so you know when to stop spamming them. Maybe there is, am I missing it?

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What in the world are you even talking about? Your stupid is showing, orc.

(Kelrexia) #82

They really should allow for completing the scenario on the PTR unlocks it on live so we never have to touch that terrible writing every again.

(Eladrick) #83

Problem being man, 370 now is nothing. Everyone and their dog has a few of them by now just from the WF cycle. Issue is that we waited a month, went into new raid under geared comparably to horde, and blizz did NOTHING. Now that the Horde has a chance to get the same treatment, its “Oh well we can’t do that”. That is favortism. It doesn’t have to be so obvious like “Horde get these 3 unique formed mounts for factions…and Alliance can get…horses” no it is stuff that shows if one side had to have the SAME treatment in the same circumstances, it gets changed.

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…a fictional world that we pay real money to play in. Using that lame ‘rationale’ to denigrate other players’ posts is both lame and silly: if you were so slighted you’d be screaming the thread apart.

As for what Blizzard ‘admits’; that is a very old and very tired game they play, and constantly: They step in it, they apologize and ‘look into it’, and then go right on doing what they want, anyways.

It’s nice to be Mommy’s pet, isn’t it?