So People Want The Water Strider To Be Restricted?

so you don’t even have it yet you are lecturing me on how to get it? and trying to say something you haven’t even achieved is not a grind? let me know how voting Bernie works out for you next election…


Yes, let’s make it so people who love the water strider don’t get to benefit from the new equipment bonuses because SOME people think it should ONLY have water walking. Do you not understand how pathetic that sounds?

If you want the water strider to walk on water, It’s still an option.

The whole purpose is to make all mounts equal. What you’re asking for is people who got the water strider to have special abilites for different mounts. That’s literally what Blizzard’s trying to stay away from.

Nobody wants to be forced to use one mount for water walking, one mount for this and one mount for that.

I think the best argument for the water strider maintaining its ability is that it is completely stupid and makes absolutely no sense that something called a “water strider” wouldn’t be able to stride across water.


I question your reading abilities. Sorry but just wow.


It does not make the Water Strider worse. My problem would be that it would still be too useful depending on the zone as people can pretty much ignore the water walking item for the other options and use the Water Strider like normal if they changed it back.

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I understand what you’re asking. You’re suggesting that because you got a water walking mount you should have it only have water walking so you can have a water walking mount AND whatever equipment you put for the rest of your mounts.

Blizzard’s trying to avoid that with the change all together. All mounts will be equal and have the same abilities, period.

Lecturing? Logic is just that you are losing nothing. And, others with the strider can now have water walking too OR they can have it flow fall or anti daze. That’s all there is to it. As I already said, there are some facts is all:

  • This system is happening.
  • People that love water strider will be able to choose to have it slowfall or anti daze if they want, instead of only having it walk on water.
  • The golem will also lose its ability, if they ever make mount equipment that allows for gathering, so that people that love that mount will also be able to choose between different equipment for it as well.
  • You will have to spend gold.
  • No amount of complaining will change what is coming.
  • If you pay for a subscription you are directly condoning and supporting anything the dev’s do as far as businesses are concerned.

That’s all.

I knew it. Zulzamba works for Blizzard.


Who here has cried to blizzard that all of their mounts don’t have a repair vendor? Transmog vendor? Maybe all mounts should fly since it’s not fair for some mounts to be stuck to the ground? It’s also unfair that some mounts blend better with the terrain. Camouflage is a tactical advantage!

Don’t give me this advantage BS. Mounts being unique is what makes them… UNIQUE.

Now instead of people with striders being able to waterwalk AND use a barding, they have to choose between 2 subpar replacements of what they once had. And you wonder why people say this is a stupid change and clearly a nerf? Please don’t ever question someone’s logic.


Nobody, that’s why there’s no mount equipment to make all mounts have a repair vendor or transmog vendor.

So now you’re just complaining about things that aren’t even valid because you know you’re wrong? Entitled much?

Which is what Blizzard doesn’t want. You shouldn’t feel forced to use one mount because it has special powers. You should be able to ride whatever mount you like the most.

Exactly. That’s what they’re trying to avoid. You shouldn’t be forced to use water strider every time you want to walk across water. Now you don’t have to, you can use any mount BUT IF you want to use the water walking you can if you want on the water strider still.

You’re basically saying you want special advantages because you got the water strider. That’s what Blizzard doesn’t want. They’re mounts, not gear.

It’s supposed to be Zul’Zamba. If I worked for Blizzard then I would definitely add the ability to have names like that. I think I’d also let folks be able to purchase last names too. Actually, I’d also have playable Revantusk trolls… in fact if I worked at Blizz I’d be having many different things added to the game!

By the way, flying would be available as soon as one gets Pathfinder 1. Why even have a one and two? Why not just a two, if we can only fly after getting the second one. Makes no logical sense. The first one should unlock flying in the first zones of an expansion, path 2 should do the next released zone of an expansion, and so forth. I’d also have WAY more race specific armor added.

And, I think I’d make transmog slot based instead of gear based so once you mog yourself, you always look the same anytime you switch out gear. OH and I’d remove the level restriction on transmog. If I make a new toon, I should be able to transmog it with whatever I have collected, not have to wait til lvl X or whatever. Oh, I’m rambling. Wish I did work at Blizz!

And the sky golem makes 400+ mounts irrelevant in any zone with herbs. I see far more sky golems in a day than water striders. But somehow, the sky golem isn’t a problem.


Ask yourself, what good is barding when the no-daze equipment is added? It’s not. It’s a conflict, it will be gone.

Ask yourself what good are gliders now that there will be subpar parachuting equipment? They will be removed.

If you think about it for 5 seconds you will see the common theme with these items. Hint: they allow you to bypass a lot of terrain/obstacles.

Also, if you have waterwalking on a large mount, you will not be able to use it to ww while already in the water. This is subpar example #1. If you take any fall damage, the ability is removed. With the strider, you can just hit the ater and jump back up. Only mog damage would require a remount.

If the items are removed from crafters soon, they will need replacements. Ahem, the equipment. This gives blizzard the ability to regulate when and how you get these abilities in the future.


Because they and people are idiots that think everything should be the same?

that “grind” can easily be done during MoP Timewalking if it was not done before and doing it during that time can make it done with in 1 day if one pushes but easily done in the week if one is more casual.

Some people LIKE having different mounts for different things, like I only use my waterstrider when I KNOW I’ll be crossing deep water, for pure land I’ll use my moterbike or another mount.

And by doing it this way, they are FORCING those of us that like to have different mounts, or set ups, for different jobs to consistently change gear or carry at least 1 of each equipment at all times so we can switch on the fly.

What quite a few of us would be happy with would be the strider keeping its water walking, even if they keep the gear in for other mounts, and make it so it does not benefit from other gear OR make the gear apply on a per mount basis instead of per character so even if they remove waterwalking from the stider we can just apply it again and still have whatever gear we want on the other mounts. Another option I have seen is 2 mount equipment slots, if per mount those with special abilities like the strider already have one filled.

As is, this is a bad change and some of us are trying to get it to a point where at least the bulk will be happy. If one wants to use just one mount and change gear based on what they are doing? fine, if one wants to have a pair of mounts with different abilities? good, if one wants a set of mounts to change based on what they are doing? great.

Logic is with the change as is, we ARE losing our ability to play as we WANT due to a stupid all or nothing set up. If it changed to one of the mentioned alternatives I would use water walking on srider, anti-daze on my non-tank toons (tanks are daze immune) and something else on my tank toons.

and we should not be forced to consistently change gear just because we are doing content where our current gear is useless.

At the cost of having something else on other mounts. Why can’t Blizzard at least make it so the gear is applied to mounts so one can have a mount with water walking, one with anti-daze and so forth?


IF you have herbalism and decide to use it over water walking mounts.

Equipments, apart from water walking, will be crafted by players. Remember the cost of crafted follower equipment?
Blizzard predicted the cost would be ~1000 gold, and crafteds are always really expensive at first, so we can expect to be paying a lot more than that in 812.

For as long as we can use them…

I guess you missed my recent post here on that subject.

Yes, just like ringing the police just because you see a man with a big empty bag climbing in through your back window, when he hasn’t even stolen anything yet.
Or swerving your car just because you see a cliff approaching - after all, you’re not there yet.


Since not everyone has herbalism, I’d say that makes the vast number of golems I see an even bigger issue. Because they far outnumber water striders everywhere except ON ACTUAL WATER.

No they don’t. We already had a blue say they were monitoring it and don’t see it as a problem

Mount equipment per mount and account wide when?

I am downloading the PTR right now for the record to go see if the barding works on Mechagon. Goblin gliders are still there, I dunno about water walking pots and if they will work, but I will be sure to transfer a character with those pots and check.

The issue is that even if they leave stuff alone for right now, I honestly am worried about the next expansion. Why on Azeroth would they add these equipment items and then add craftables that will override them? It simply doesn’t make sense. If they didn’t care then why not let us have equipment for all 3 at once?