So let me get this right

Well sure, it doesn’t take any special kind of technology to raise the hard cap on total connections. Raising the cap doesn’t guarantee stability though. Also, could you provide a link to the statement? (Not trying to be snarky, genuinely haven’t seen anything about it and I’m curious)

“jUsT gO tO aNoTher DoOr”

about 15 mins in they do talk about it and even a bit more

You guys seem to be confusing layering and server caps. If they removed layering right this instant it wouldn’t suddenly make queues worse. Layering is to keep the starting zones from being unbearably overcrowded. The server cap is to maintain stability.

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Layers at the start are necessary because all of the players are in the exact same spot doing the exact same thing. If an entire server’s worth of players are all condensed on the same point, it causes problems; both with the hardware and with players being too congested to enjoy the game. As players spread out, the layers aren’t needed because there is less demand for the starting regions of the game and the same amount of players are out occupying a much greater area

This has almost nothing to do with how many players a server can hold. Also, millions of players on a realm would be ridiculous from both a game play and business standpoint.

I skipped to 15 minutes and some seconds and listened for a good 7-8 minutes. From what I heard, they’re specifically talking about their ability to open up more realms as needed. I heard 0 mention of this technology they have to increase server cap. I don’t have a lot of time currently to listen to the full 1.5 hrs though, so if you could be more specific about when exactly they talk about raising the server cap I’ll be more than happy to check it out.

I believe that layering is server wide and not by zone. Provided you to hop layers because of an invite or something, you would remain in the same layer as you adventure for that session.


the queue is a throttle to prevent us from playing the better version of WoW. the version of WoW that’s not a dumbed down mall filled with micro-transactions and encounters tuned for facerollers.

It’s wonderful they increased the cap and I’m happy more people can play. Also, I directly acknowledged that they absolutely can increase the cap so I’m not sure what the “hmmmm” is about.

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I was asking about this yesterday.

According to forum wizards, layering is a technology that was absolutely necessary to allow servers to handle more players at launch, but it doesn’t actually allow a server to handle more players.

But then we got the maximum realm capacity increased post so who knows. Maybe it just took a day or two initialize more cloud computers to handle the layers.

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Yeah for sure

I’ll admit I don’t know first-hand exactly how blizzards server infrastructure works, but from my understanding the layering helps by preventing every starter zone from being bogged down by 500+ characters all in the same exact location. They’re all technically in the same zone, just in a different instance (for lack of a better word) which helps spread the load.

Edit to add:
They also apparently made a statement that they have the capability of increasing the server cap, but I haven’t personally seen or heard it.

Well hmm is like a term used in which “something is intresting” and very interesting it is, that were were talking about this exact thing and poof it comes to light! Its wonderful we are seeing results in what we are asking for. They are listening. Look its all love we are just wanting the same thing (to really log in to wow classic). Have a wonderful life :slight_smile: no joke! What realm and race and class are you i might have to just roll a toon to “duke it out” lol safe travels!

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I hate to break it to you but they are on a grid/mesh - this doesn’t matter. All servers on East are in Chicago, multiple realms per server, multiple layers per server.

These aren’t single machines like 2004 anymore.

The reason is because at some point layering needs to be removed. The more layers, the more people, the larger the queue once we go down to 1 layer.

Fair enough, sometimes it can be hard to read between the lines :crazy_face:

I’m on Mankrik as an orc hunter named Baddey. Only 7 at the moment as this whole employment thing is really screwing me over :frowning:

And I am thrilled Blizzard has been able to increase the cap so more people can get into the servers to play!

When they go down to one layer…Look they will probably be down less and less layers to test out the game to see how it is running and then get down to as little as 2 layers. When they feel they can go down to one layer they will already know what to do (is my guess) but all i know the plebs will be weeded out by then

The plebs aren’t waiting in queues, mate. The clog is from folks who are here to stay.

No tourist or casual is waiting 4 hours in queue, if any.

Same no hate but great debate! Salutation : ) im a gnome on whitemane and my job lets me use vacation days for serious events lol got 2 days only to 15 because of life and server que so…yeah i might just pick up a mage forsaken in Mankrik to quest with ya

Sounds awesome, hit me up! :grin:

Though I am living in Eastern EU currently so my play times are earlier in the day.