So Jingles is Never Getting Fixed?

My Jingles pet never had the wreath, and I suppose they’re just never fixing that?

We weren’t able to learn any we looted on alts once we had the first one, so…I’m miffed.

Jingles looks like a regular baby raptor pet, and he’s supposed to look like Christmas! /stomps foot

I’m still patiently waiting for a fix for Jingles. Not only is he not wearing his wreath and candy cane for some collectors, you can’t use battlestones to level him, and he’s flagged as “Unknown” instead of “Jingles” :frowning_face:

is it the same as the reindeer where it only gets the christmas appearance during winter veil and otherwise it just looks like a regular deer?

No, I just checked and I guess I was one of the lucky ones, my Jingles has the wreath and candy cane.

My best guess is that Jingles might have been intended to behave similarly to the reindeer pet, but for whatever reason is bugged. Idk, just wish someone looked into it and fixed the other issues with this pet too :frowning:

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It’s honestly ridiculous that they haven’t fixed Jingles by now.

I finally battle leveled my Jingles and renamed him to Jingles I got damn tried of waiting on Blizzard to fix it…

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just checked I have a defective jingles as well. poor baby…

Small update on this: It would seem that Jingles is getting fixed in 9.2.5. Checked the PTR and it has the correct name (no longer “Unknown”), and I was able to use a battle-training stone on it.

I’m not sure about Jingles’ appearance though. I have one that already has the wreath and candy cane, so I can’t check if everyone’s model got updated or not. If anyone has a Jingles without the accessories, import your collection to the PTR and please let us know :pray:

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Update #2: Jingles is still missing the wreath and candy cane for some on the PTR. I guess updating the accessories for everyone is harder than fixing the name/battle-stone issue?

How about allowing more than 1 Jingles in the Pet Journal? And making it cageable? Then people can choose which version to collect (wreath and no wreath), or even collect both.


Well, it’s never coming back. It was the exclusive gift that year.

So I doubt they’ll allow us to get more of them.

They just need to fix it. They released it like two years ago, now…broken. Someone from the team that made it should just be given some time to sit down and fix it.

It was a guaranteed drop the first year it was added. It’s now a random drop from the daily reward present, so it’s possible to get another one.


I didn’t know that! Yay. I feel better about that, now.

Mine is called Jingles in the pet journal but unknown when summoned.
He or she is level 25 and rare.
Can’t use a magical pet biscuit on it.

The update is only on the PTR at the moment. The changes should go live with 9.2.5

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Dang over two years and Jingles is still not fixed…its dang sad …

Ask and ye shall receive. Eventually.

Fixed an issue where Jingles battle pet would display as “Unknown” when summoned and its wreath and candy cane accessories were the incorrect size in the Pet Journal.