So is wrathion deathwing's son?

it felt unclear to me in bfa and now in dragonflight we have sabellian referring to wrathion as “brother” and when comparing him to neltharion sabellian says “our father”, so now it’s really unclear to me now

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Wrathion is technically Deathwing’s grandson. Unless the events of Cataclysm during the Badlands questing experience have gone through a soft retcon, I haven’t been paying much attention.

Wrathion’s mother was Nyxondra, sister to Onyxia and daughters of Neltharion (Deathwing). She was captured and forcibly made to lay eggs. (One of which that would contain Wrathion and was later purified to be cleansed of any of the corruption that was prevalent in the Black Flight at the time.)

You can still go to the Badlands and play through this quest in current day Cataclysm if you’re curious on the finer details.


I think this is why one of the first quests either one make us do is retrieve a geneology chart, that would confirm Sabellian is in fact Neltharion’s heir.

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Watthion is Deathwing’s grandson through his mother Nyxondra as outlined in the above post, but I don’t think it’s ever specified who his actual father was.

He refers to Deathwing as his father in a more metaphorical or poetic sense, as Deathwing is the father of the whole flight. That’s probably why Sabellian says “our father” and could refer to Wrathion as brother rather than a nephew or cousin or whatever.

Wrathion also probably considers Deathwing his ‘father’ in the sense that Deathwing was the former holder of all the black dragonflight’s duties, which Wrathion sees as having been passed onto himself when Deathwing and the other black dragons abandoned their flight’s responsibilities. So he’s using the term ‘father’ to imply that Wrathion is the heir to all Deathwing’s (former) roles.

I’m sure Blizzard won’t actually detail just what was in those geneologies we players collected, because that’s a lot of background lore that is not necessarily relevant to the plot they want to tell (and that’s not always a bad thing), but I do hope we get to see Sabellian and Wrathion bickering back and forth about the details they discovered from them.


Yeah when Dragons mention X is their brother, sister, father etc, most of the time it is metaphorical. Alexstrasza refers to Malygos as ‘brother’ in her monologue after you kill him. Even though the only aspects Alexstrasza is a blood relative to is Ysera, whom is her sister and soon to be Merithra. Whom is Alex’s niece.

Kinda like how sometimes you see children refer to a very close family friend as their ‘uncle’ or ‘auntie’ even if there is no blood relations. Over here in Australia, those words can also be used for Aboriginal Elders but only if they allow it.


Sabellian’s older than Wrathion. As for using the term “father”, either it’s metaphorical and symbolic or… well… the Black Dragonflight had a habit of inbreeding, so Deathwing could’ve been both his father and grandfather. Kosak said they hadn’t established who Wrathion’s father is, so I’m only guessing.


Well one thing to ask is, was the egg Rhea got from Nyxondra (whom is regarded as Wrathions mother) conceived before or after Rhea imprisoned her? Another is, why is Nyxondra considered Wrathions mother in the lore when the Titan device combined the 3 samples we provided it to cleanse? Those being a dead whelp, a ‘wild’ egg and one of Nyxondra’s eggs. I like to think Nyxondra’s egg was made the dominant source by the titan device.

Did Rhea capture a male black dragon and had them knock up Nyxondra while she was a captive? (big oof if this is the case) Or did Nyxondra already lay those eggs before Rhea arrived?

Personally I don’t think Deathwing is Wrathions actual father. It is stated that only Sintheria survived mating with him after Neltharion became Deathwing. Symbolized by those scars on her body. I don’t think Nyxondra would’ve survived that without having similar looking scars on her body either. Although she does use the generic Black Dragon model and I doubt Blizzard would’ve made a custom model for her.

I suspect they went Targaryen and Deathwing maybe his grandfather/father situation, though I don’t think his mother Nyxondra would have survived dad’s loving embrace. Yeesh I don’t wanna imagine how she got pregnant let alone suspect who the father is. I imagine lots of inbreeding considering how Black Dragons were nearly wiped out several times and finally driven to the edge of extinction during Cata.

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For all intents and purposes, yes.

Now you can argue the finer details and technicalities, but it’s easier for Blizzard to have a direct lineage than refer to him as Deathwing’s grandson. And so they went with the direct lineage.

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So what your telling me is wrathions mother is deathwings kid and wrathion dad is deathwing…

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If I recall correctly only Sinestra is able to mate with Deathwing, all other dragons who tried died a horrible death.

So while it would seem that deathwing is the biological father of all black dragons he can’t be cuz only the direct offspring of Sinestra would have him as father.

All other dragons are his son in a meta kind of way.

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I think she was the only to survive, and that’s why she had the horrible burns that she suffered that never healed. Nitpicky I know

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Dragon mating is a terrible topic in warcraft, it does change alot.

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I think it’s self evident Golden forgot Nyxondra is Deathwing’s daughter when writing that Wrathion is Deathwing’s son and the material canon now is Sweet Home Alabama

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I wouldn’t hope that much as the two seem to have reconciled their differences now that neither is going to be the Aspect.

Yes and because of this she had gnarly scars.


Guys I’m starting to think some Chinatown stuff went down here…

Grandson. The last kids of Deathwing are Ebyssian and Sabellian.