So... Is #pulltheripcord back in question?

Fair enough, could probably be either at this point, your original point still stands though, it is changeable.

You can change covenants immediately. You just can’t go back to a previous one without paying a penalty for betraying them.

Right. I think biggest issue is just that there are a lot of bugs with leveling or quests. I don’t think they’re going to suddenly be like “Yo, you were right that conduits and covenants are an issue even though we just made a blue post like 2 weeks ago or something.” I just don’t see that happening. I think bugs and quests going to be the key focus during the delay.

I hope not. A ripcord being pulled means that the game becomes that much more complicated and I really would rather not see that.

yur gawt damn rite


Yeah, no.



Removing dozens of complicated, buggy, and imbalanced systems can only make the game less complicated and easier to manage for the dev team.


Except it’s not being removed, it’s just being opened up, correct? Which means I’d be forced to learn 4 different combinations of soulbinds, covenants, etc. That will get very overwhelming very quickly.

if you feel forced that means you care about being optimal, and if you do, than you should be reading up on them all anyways before making your choice.

i personally do not care about that stuff, i just think they all look really cool and i wanna freely play with them all.


I care about being optimal within reason. The post I linked should explain my thoughts on the matter.

They could remove soulbinds and conduits, pick the three best Covenant abilities and make a level 60 talent row out of them. Boom how easy would that be to balance? Of course that won’t happen, but I can hope. Then they make Covenants an actual permanent choice that you literally can’t change so it has true meaning.

Except that isn’t what the ripcord pulling movement is pushing for. They’re just wanting to make it so that you’re freely able to swap covenants, which means we’d have to handle four different combinations and systems. I wouldn’t be allowed to just stick with one, learn it, and try to master it. Which I probably wouldn’t be able to do completely with one, let alone four.

No Covenants will remain a meaningful choice for us who enjoy RPGs and dont obsess over being optimal at all situations by sweeping away weaknesses via tomes : )

i advocate for it to be pulled solely because i think itd be more fun. i really dont care about being optimal.

this argument is invalid because there’s a lot of people with my exact mindset. its literally not just the optimal crowd pushing for it.

I just don’t want to feel overwhelmed having to learn four covenant combinations, that’s all.

Yeah and changing classes in an instant would also be more fun, just like being able to get a free gearset that is better for your other spec so you get to have more fun with that optimized build that needed gear farming first.

Funny how that if that ever happens changing classes would be asked by many.

irrelevant conflation.


They’re only setting themselves up if they think this is some how giving them hope. Watcher has stated that there will be no ripcord pulling, heck he’s even said there isn’t a ripcord of any kind.

No. Please actually pay attention to what people are saying. What the ripcord movement wants is that the POWER element of the covenant choice be uncoupled. That is all.

No one has an issue choosing a covenant and sticking to them for story and their endgame hub and all of the other non-power related decisions. All people are asking for is that the very significant power systems of the class specific abilities, some of which are performing so exorbitantly bad that some dps classes get 40% of their damage from one ability, be changeable like talents.

Also I hate to break it to you, but locking the choice like this isn’t making the game any simpler for you. If you branch out to different game modes or even SPECS, chances are you’re going to have a different covenant choice.


It was pretty hilarious when people took his quite obvious metaphorical ripcord in the preach interview as somekind of already coded in system that was ready to be used at the press of a button xD

And thus making it a weak RP decision which was just as worthless as the sylvanas loyalist “”"“option”"""

The power is what gives it meaning and weight, without that, everyone will easily choose one, there wont be any real hard to decide choice