So in order to get high iLevel crafted gear, I'll have to find a hecka dedicated crafter right?

A crafter with the Mail maxed out right? If it is all maxed out, how high of an iLevel can I get crafted? Thanks

It’s more about the reagents you augment the craft with, though a higher leveled and geared (their crafting gear) crafter will net you better results. Specialization is just as important too.


It isn’t just the crafter having the correct skill level. It also requires you to have high enough level mats and the correct “infusions”. I think the current cap on crafted gear is like 418 but that requires you to be running mythic+ instances at 15+ or you can do mythic raiding.

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When the item is crafted, the quality of the materials can influence the outcome, as will anything you want added to it.
If you use rank 2 alloys, it will be less likely to be max level. The crafter’s skill may allow them to still guarantee max level even with rank 2 mats.

Primarily, however, you will have to help the crafter by supplying enhancements. If you supply a Primal Infusion, the max rank can go to 405.

You get a quest to kill the final boss in the raid and the reward is a primal Infusion. Raid finder will give you credit for this quest. You can also get primal infusions by combining primal focus and primal chaos. Primal chaos can be obtained by many activities in the game. The main source for primal focus are from mythic plus keys from 11-15. You combine 10 focus with 100 chaos to make an Infusion.

In keys 16 and up, you get concentrated primal focus. You use these the same way, 10 concentrated primal focus + 100 primal chaos to make a concentrated primal infusion. By supplying this to the crafter, they can craft up to 418, assuming they have the skills.


Crafter needs some dedication in both crafts and “jack of all trade” trees. Mats help, but at some point can just force an inspiration if their inspiration is high enough.

But it depends on what the max is for the item in question, and any infusions/training matrix used will affect the ilvl given, but most items crafted with a spark go 382-392 before infusions are added.

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Guaranteed inspiration isn’t a thing. The highest inspiration chance is around 42-44% (pretty far from 100%).

Using an Illustrious Insight adds +30 to your skill–it is not adjusting your inspiration proc chance.


The concentrated infusion (418) requires 150 primal chaos, the regular infusion (405) is only 100.

As Hospitaller said, the max ilvl for crafted gear is 418 if you have a Concentrated Primal Infusion or 405 if you have a regular Primal Infusion.

You can easily get a Primal Infusion (405) from killing Raszegeth in LFR to fulfill that quest. You also get them from each reputation that you max out (Valdrakken will likely be first since its rep sources are more prevalent than the other three factions).


Thanks for the correction.

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No 100% inspiration isn’t a thing, but what IS a thing is that every time I hit the craft/recraft button TWO options show up. One releases the item to the customer, the other, crazy thing “recraft”.

I can spend 5 of my mettle and many times about 200-300 gold worth of mats (often times less), resmack the item until I make it proc (at the cost of 5 mettle + recraft mats per try). At most, I’ve spent maybe 3 times to make this happen while at a 40-43% proc. Unless you are working something with some REALLY expensive mats, blowing 50 mettle just to “guarantee” is just silly. I save about 40 mettle and profit.

Forced Inspiration.

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I want to ask something about Engineering Gun… Ol’Smoky.

I am not an Engineer, it’s obvious. But i have all the mats including the infusion stuffs.

It says, i could get ilevel 395 to ilevel 405.

But when i place an order, nobody’s doing it. I put a commission of 20k gold and i put note that I would be happy just to get ilevel 395… would give way more gold if he could do ilevel 405.

Few days have passed, my mats and gold went back to me. I did it 2x. Nobody’s doing it.

What’s wrong? Is it really hard to make one?

Too bad. Cant use my infusions. Got a gun drop from M+. I would just upgrade it with Valor.


As an Engineer I never look to see if someone puts a Public Order up since they’re so rare for the profession. Plus most players use Personal Orders for things that take a Spark.

You can request a minimum quality using a Personal Order (up to 5) which determines the final iLevel. Public Orders you get what you get which sounds fine for your needs but if no one is checking it doesn’t matter.

I’d ask in Trade for an Engineer to craft the Gun. Once you find someone put a Personal Order in to them at the Work Order station.

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But the public order wheel of fortune is more fun!

(I managed a five-star proc on my blacksmith for an order today, 2 unlucky 4-stars on my leatherworker (had high chances for procs that whiffed) and my tailor … um … er … yeah, sorry about that one … it was a first craft.

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Not everyone actively checks the orders. If you really want to play the public crafting roulette, then best bet is to announce in trade, then you can watch any thirsty engineers scurry over and check it out.

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I guess you could call it that, but technically it is cumulative probability theory. In a Bernoulli trial you either pass or fail as the outcome. A sequence of such events has an ever-increasing chance of success, even though each individual trial has the same fixed probability. An example for 43% chance on a single attempt is given below for multiple attempts.

nTries Cumulative Chance
1 43%
2 67.5%
3 81.5%
4 89.4%
5 94.0%
6 96.6%
7 98.0%
8 98.9%
9 99.4%
10 99.6%

No, my engineer can do it, but leveling Engineering has been more difficult for me than leveling Blacksmithing, so she can’t make a 405 gun yet. Your specific experience is likely to do with whether your realm is high population or low population. It might just be that there are few engineers that can make the gun on your realm, or the engineers that can, don’t check public orders (since it’s so broken, many crafters have given up on ever seeing one).

Hopefully Blizzard does something with Personal Orders so you don’t have spam/watch Trade Chat to find a match between a crafter and a buyer. Public Orders seem to work fine according Blizzard’s statements, so while it could also use a tweak, I’m not expecting any changes to Public Orders.


not 3 months into the expansion you don’t. just look in trade chat.

For clarity, +16*

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