So I was bored today

Decided I would try and get additional 2 Mini Gold and 2 Mini Blue Jouster pets so I could be at max for both. Already had 1 of each, so I took 4 toons and ran them through Mount Hyjal, only did the full questline on two characters originally back in the day.

Took me just about an hour per character to get up to the quest that rewards the choice of pets…Guess the questline is easier at 60 when you can 1 shot everything lol

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I have one character that must have done this back in the day because she has the achievement ( The ‘Unbeatable?’ Pterodactyl: BEATEN) but I cannot figure out how to pickup this quest-chain on an alt. I’ve been all over Wowhead and still no luck. Can you tell me how you got the quest started?

I see information for the quest Egg Wave that starts the 10-day quest but not sure what prerequisites need to be done to get Egg Wave offered.

Sadly, I suspect your alt needs to do the storyline that begins with Protect the World Tree back in Nordrassil.

My main got his Jousters back in Cataclysm but I just checked it out with a recent alt that I know for sure never did any Cataclysm questing. Once she left Nordrassil nobody else would even offer any quests, even with Trivial Quests checked. And questgiver down in Firelands who offers the daily you need to do repeatedlly for Egg Wave doesn’t even exist as this point.

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That’s correct, Mt Hyjal, like most Cataclysm zones is very linear and you have to start at the top and work your way down. You need to complete basically everything in the upper half of the zone and also Sethria’s Roost down at the south end to eventually unlock An Ancient Reborn which turns the burning lands green. Then the Egg stuff will be open, along with the Molten Front if that is of interest to you.

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I found the information posted by a user on Wowhead very useful

They lead me to the start of the quest chain, which begins the " Aviana quest chain".

So, I took a lvl 60 character that I know was created after this content was current, and these are the quests I did to get to where I could eventually START the Aviana quest chain.

Beginning with the quest “Protect The World Tree” in Nordrassil, Hyjal,

After turn-in, pickup quests:

	-> War on The Twilight Hammer
	-> The Flameseer’s Staff
		-> Flamebreaker
			-> The Return of Baron Geddon
				->Emerald Allies
The Captured Scout
->Twilight Captivity
->Return to Alyssa
->A Prisoner of Interest (inside cave)
->Through the Dream
->Return to Nordrassil
->The Return of the Ancients
	->Harrying the Hunters (may not need to do this one)
	->End of the Supply Line
	->In the Rear With the Gear
		->The Voice of Goldrinn
		->Goldrinn’s Ferocity
			->Lycanthoth the Corruptor (kill the wolf in the cave and it takes you to the camp [cut screen])
		->The Shrine Reclaimed
		->Cleaning House
			->Sweeping the Shelf
			->Lightening in a Bottle
				->Into the Maw! (Step through the big blue gate)
			->Forged oi Shadow and Flame 
			->Crushing the cores
				->Cindermaul, the Portal Master
					->Forgemaster Pyrendavis	
						->Return from the Firelands

->The Fires of Mount Hyjal
->Fighting Fire with anything
->Disturbing the Rituals