So, I want to play Warcraft again (H)


As the title says, I want to play Wow again. I took a break right after Tomb of Sargeras. I wasn’t having fun due to the environment, and took a break. Tried BFA at first, and really didn’t like the expansion, but I’m excited for Shadowlands. I’m not on this server group yet, but I’m really considering it. Although I don’t necessarily role-play, I see these forum posts in both groups, and it really warms my heart. My exact text to my bro was “Much more the experience I’m looking for.”

That said, I do want to play. I plan on playing all 3 plate tanks next expansion, and as of right now, I am free to play every evening from 9 - midnight central time every day. Also, I deep nerd desires to do themed raid teams (I.E. all orc/Mag’har or Blood Elf/Nightborne teams.)

I also like the thought of joining up with some RP’ers once in a while to do very themed things.

Ultimately, I want to play Wow again. I have mythic raiding experience in the past, and want to find people to play with Horde.

Do you all think this exists here on these servers?

I’m going to make this post on both groups since they haven’t merged these forums yet.