So I had this idea

I know from reading the threads that people here on ED are very passionate about PvP. I’ve been PvPing since NWN on AOL, then PvP’d again on DAoC, CoH, Warhammer Online, etc, so on and so forth. If Blizzard won’t bring us the PvP experience then why can’t we do it for ourselves. I thought it would be cool if we divided up the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor into set areas. We would fight for an area, claim it, and then the area is ours. Of cours, if someone came back it could be flipped back to the other side. So their may be people patrolling said areas.

The ultimate goal? The death of the Alliance lord or the leader of the Horde. Sorry don’t remember the title for the lord. So I got to thinking, how could we make this happen. TRP3 has a feature where you can find people who love RP and it will show you where they are in the world.

What if we had someone create an addon that did something similar to that for these areas and what not. It could be a ton of fun. Imagine the RP that could come out of it. I remember when I played DAoC how people talked to each other about the fights and what not and they bonded over those fights. Even with the enemy, their was a matter of respect.

What do you guys think? I’d love to see something like that happen here. I really enjoyed the one thread where people started talking about fighting in WPvP. If we could pull this off and post about it we could bring WPvP to a whole new level.

Used to be like that. Everyone had their spots that they would defend. Once they did away with /worlddefense it died out.


i miss that. why would they even do away with it? makes absolutely zero sense

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You can tell the guy that they have at Blizz that heads up PvP is inexperienced. Real PvP doesn’t happen in a box (BG’S), it happens in the open world. I’m really sad to hear WPvP is a shell of it’s former self. My guild and I heard all these stories about ED and given our background with PvP we were chomping at the bit to come here.

Its looking like something is starting up again these days :man_shrugging:. Its always a good sign when WSB and CBH are active.

it used to be wild. used to be that an area would get pinged and within minutes it would turn into a guild vs guild brawl.

i remember the days clearly, somewhere like goldshire would come under attack then someone would scout it and verify the numbers, if it was a rival guild then the entire guild would call to arms.

bam wpvp whenever and quite literally wherever there was an alliance or horde guard.

Yup. Removal of the world defense system destroyed wpvp.

it posed a lot of competition for wpvp guilds on the same faction too. back then it didnt really matter if a guild had a really good wpvp leader, they could compete by defending areas that their competition couldnt or wouldnt and having a more suitable social environment specific to individual people. that gave guilds the ammunition they needed and warded off the possibility of mega guilds but when world defense went away, mega guilds spread like wildfire.

the little guild simply cannot compete with a mega guild anymore. unless someone is specifically favoring being in a smaller guild, nobody joins them anymore. no reason to.

I was in mainly small guilds before I left for years :man_shrugging:. The only guilds that still exist anymore from back then are the big guilds. Spectrum is gone, Druid of The Claw is gone, Bandit Lounge still exists in some capacity :man_shrugging:. So I guess I might as well be in a guild I know, with some people I know.

What if we had an addon that did just that? Put what was broken back into the game through a mod. I’d be willing to try it out. I’m not geared very well as I started playing not too long ago.

Unfortunately I cannot program or I’d try my own hand at it. I’ve tried it and hated it. What they call logic and what I see as logical are apparently two different things.

Holinka hates us and will stop at nothing to destroy this community due to our previous trolling him on Twitter lmao

Prepared tried to warm us about Holinka.


It’s how they have the realms/shards set up now that doesnt allow it to work. And why an add-on won’t work for it.

A lot of the zones don’t actually exist now until a player enters them. And some zones have multiple possible instances…

Before the removal of world defense you could open the map and see who controlled Halaa or hfp towers. Now you can’t see until you go there.

Dedicated servers don’t exist anymore. Kind of just throw ya around to what’s open now.

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why dont you go to a different server? clearly you are not wanted here anymore.

i’ve been hated on emerald dream for years and years yet i was never rejected like you were. you were straight up exiled from your own project lol i’d just stop playing or find a different server dude.


I think that what you do in game along with what you do on these boards should be tied together. You would see alot less people running their mouths on the boards.

Wrong. The ED always been like this.

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Idk how ur hated. Dont know who u r :rofl:

I agree, what you do outside of game should be tied in too.

Or would that be a bad thing for you?

I am getting mountains of empty beer can vibes from this post.

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You my new best friend :wink: hahahahaa