So I’m leaving Proudmoore

Except Wyrmrest Accord has plenty of PvE options, and is LGBTQIA inclusive and may be a better and more comfortable fit than some of the other servers.

You’re pretending like Blizzard wouldn’t gut-stomp or ban the heck out of anyone who’s openly anti-LGBTQIA.

Oh you sweet summer child.

  1. Have you looked at any LGBT thread on the forums ever?
  2. I didn’t know Blizzard could moderate Discord.

Runetotem is 75% horde, almost every guild I’ve looked at is looking for pushing high-end stuff, but laid back in between. The place is always jumping with activity - especially now. Seems like a good balance for a Horde character population-based as well.

In a manner of fairness,you have to keep in mind that they may want to try RP later on. I have alts on RP servers that dabble in a bit of everything and have known people who’ve come to the servers without intentions of RP eventually try it.

If we want the community to thrive and prosper then mayhap gatekeeping isn’t always the best way for this to happen. If you’re concerned about trolls then sadly that is unavoidable short of reporting people who ARE being problem players IE- the peeps who dink around and parrot “LOL GOLDSHIRE” and keep in mind that not every non roleplayer will be of the obnoxious memey x bro mindset.

There really isn’t a need to be hostile when all that happened was a server reccomendation.

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You’ll find different people everywhere, Proudmoore is just more accepting I guess. There are lots that advertise of being ‘friendly’ or accepting of all sorts of people.

Area-52 is the most populated if you want to have always groups, guilds to run with. Thrall is fine, Zul’jin is more french-centric…

Just a matter of putting in that time to find the right fit. Servers matter less and less except for population.

When did I say I don’t roleplay? I don’t go to an inn and do it for hours but when I am playing I am always in character. When I’m playing a zandalari, I act like a zandalari. When I play my void elf, I act like a void elf. I even speak to my kin in our own language whenever I see them. You’ve made nothing but assumptions about me. You’re a bitter bitter sad person. I feel sorry for you. I’ve had five toons at least on moon guard for three years. Just because I’m posting on my proudmoore Druid doesn’t mean I’m “gay guy want gay server gayssssss eww rp”. You need to get some help. Harassing strangers on the internet is a sign of mental illness.


No one follows those rules unless the name is “rpsuckslololool”


Wait zuljin is where the Quebecois play? I might go there.

And yeah unless you’re named illidankyeetbro they don’t care

Proudmoore being alliance heavy for a decade now, about time you effing wake up. But cool story, don’t care. You’re dense.

Yup, it’s got a pretty big french population of le quebecois.

i copy pasted… didn’t make the list :man_shrugging:

If you’re looking for another pacific time zone server, either Tichondrius or Hyjal.

Tichondrius has a much higher pop, but as a former PvP server tends to be… you know what I mean.

I’ve loved being on Hyjal for years, now. Very mellow.

yes but it is a very strange list, I wonder how they determined that. Moonguard was never even a PvP server so it is doubtful there are large numbers of PvPers on there.

cries in Draenei

No one cares about ‘wacky names’ on RP servers anymore. I see tons on mine way worse than OP even some that are borderline explicit. Been there for years (some) no reports no changes.

And rine is ditch in British, whats your point?

Also lad just means male or boy. Report the non RP names.

Not even sure if a person who doesn’t already have a character over on Area 52 will be able to make one there.

A couple friends tried and the got the message Server Full Please Choose Another Server or something like that. Wouldn’t let them make a character there. This was a month ago so I am not sure how it is now.

Yokes… some of yall need therapy and jesus and sunlight. I wish u the best friend. I prefer lgbtq+ servers honestly, I don’t have time for harassment. Best of luck! :crossed_fingers:

Funny thing, RP servers allow nicknames. So Crazyloki would be allowed, just like Locoloki would be allowed. You’re really reaching for ways to be offended.

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