So how does this Dishonorable kill system work?

Legit dude I WAS VERY tempted to abuse this and did not… not abusing this system cost me basically 50% of potential gains.

I cant stand cheating so I just did not do it, but man did I want too.

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I’m going to do it. They didn’t want it to happen? Then why are DKs in the game still? Not my problem that the most optimal path was unforeseen by the blizzard overlords. Sounds like a them problem. If they don’t want things like this to happen, maybe they should figure it out before changing the entire pvp system without testing it out.

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ah… yeah… tempted still.

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How do they know you didn’t join an org raid to kill thrall and someone accidentally killed 1 civilian? Just do it. Again, it’s a them problem. Path of least resistance.


Respect. I go with what “feels right” pretty much for everything. This doesn’t, so I’m out (not that there’s even a reason for me to be in but just saying).

To be fair I do stay friends with people who do stuff I never would in this game. I would rather Blizzard fix what’s broken.

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No pixels are safe…

this is why you always use blessing of protection

Blizz screwed a bunch of players over by saying ranking was going to be reset with the new system, who then relied on that, stopped ranking and de-ranked.

So I don’t feel bad. Anything I gained with a DHK doesn’t even come close to what I lost had Blizz said from the start that you would keep your rank.

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True, I lost ground waiting on a reset, that indeed sucks

I think the problem is that how do you know how much you de-rank by how many DKs? How do you know that if you’re say 0-10% into a rank that 1 DK will bring you to 90% of the prior rank and not 50%? I don’t think there is a formula for how much rank you lose per DK.

And what NPCs exactly give DKs? I’ve killed horde NPC’s before and not gotten DK, specifically where do I go and which named type NPCs do I have to kill to get DK’d?

Also, by my calculations (for me personally), it would still take me the same projected numbers of weeks to hit R14 (if that is your goal) if I try to “game the system” with DKs or not. IE, I’m slated to get R12 0% next week. If I max out my honor gains after that, I’d be ~ R12 74%. If I was 90% R11 instead, then 500 honor the follow week would take me to R13 ~ 4%. But it would still take the same number of weeks to get to R14 if I start the next week at 90% r11 or 0% 12.

Also, say I hit R12 0% and try to de-rank (even if it was faster to 14) how long does it take a DK to down-rank you? If it takes till Tuesday update, then you still have to wait a week anyway. So it would still take 2 weeks to r13 in that case.

So is it really faster?

Dishonorable kills are instant, and they remove 5% present rank.
Example if you are Rank 12 @0% and get a dishonorable kill then you are now instantly Rank 11 @ 95%

Now here is the thing that bugs me… I remember getting a dishonorable kill in Original vanilla and it was also instant then too but it was minus 20%.

So according to my memory Blizzard has tweaked quite a few things.

There is an orc civilian that awards DHKs in Alterac. He’s inside the “Inn,” top floor in the far back. Respawns in about 5-10 minutes max.

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i found that guy by accident when questing… to my horror at the time… who the hell thought that was a good place for a civilian

I believe its more than 5%, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Was ~ Rank 9 12% the week prior to PVP Patch during which I got a DHK.
Week of Patch = Rank 9 0%
Week after, with 240k Honor = Rank 9 49%

I should have reached Rank 10 with that amount; however, I was set back half a rank completely :frowning:

It’s between 4 and 5% of your rank. I know from personal experience de-ranking.

No, you missed your cutoff by 17k. If you had 257k you would have been R10/0%.

DHKs did not impact your rating.

Check the website:

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Sadly a unfortunate fact of this wackadoodle system.

Wern, I think a big part of the issue with the system is that it is easier to rank from a higher % of a lower rank than from a lower % of a higher rank.

Rank 12 99% → 500k honor → rank 13 73%
Rank 13 1% → 500k honor → rank 13 35%

Both the % you are looking at are at the lower end of rank 9 - so the impact was probably small.

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We’ve been working to correct that. In higher ranks, players have been intentionally earning dishonorable kills to lower themselves below their current rank threshold in order to gain credit for an additional rank bucket, thereby allowing them to gain progress more quickly than a player who is just above that upper rank threshold.

It’s not our intention to reward players for gaining dishonorable kills. To remedy this, we’re making a change to the way we reward points for a player’s current rank during weekly calculations.

Rather than rewarding players with credit for the entire bucket, you will now only earn up to the amount you’re missing from that bucket. There should no longer be a benefit from lowering one’s rank via dishonorable kills to earn progress more quickly.

This change will go into effect with the weekly reset on Tuesday, September 12.


So this weeks calculations is as is? but next week we get a modified system to try out?

Also thank you for the update!

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This is encouraging to read and I hope a similar stance is adopted for the assuredly unintended rewards players have been reaping from the unlimited free transfer service!