Screwed out of r13?

Ya it doesn’t make sense to hurt everyone not getting dhk’s. Easy fix is to make dishonorable kills calculate at the end of the week and if they cause you to derank you can still only earn honor that week as if you were at the rank before you deranked. This is a perfect fix without punishing everyone. I really hope blizzard does this instead of hurting all its paying customers ranking for no reason. Or at least make the change next week alot of people are going to be caught off guard not going to their expected rank.

Why is it that PvPers are so fascinated with assuming the position?

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Imagine thinking Blizzard was gonna be OK with you getting DHKs to speed up ranking. You did this to yourself.

Cry harder.

i didnt get any dhks though

You aren’t affected by any changes then if you weren’t doing DHKs.

You just miscalculated.

We know you tried to abuse the system because you saw people using DHKs and then you intentionally stopped short of getting max honor to try and abuse the same bug.

Stop trying to be clever. You are a Classic wow player. You aren’t clever.

You tried to abuse a bug in the system, failed, and are now mad.

Boo hooo

Get rekt.

I cant tell if you’re a troll or not but log on era whitemane alli, come inspect me my name is macarthur. I didn’t derank, currently max rank.


I know you didn’t derank. YOu purposefully stopped short to abuse the same OBVIOUS BUG anyone with a brain and knowledge of math could find.

I found it when I made my ranking spreadsheet.

You tried to abuse the bug and it backfired. You are not being clever. You were intentionally stopping short of max honor cap to make more progress than you should be able to make.

It’s your fault you got screwed when they patched the hole.

Next time, just get max honor if you want to rank max fast. Is this hard to understand?

I’ve been 500k since new system came out?

That’s weird since you said you didn’t this last week. I wonder why.

What? my post even says that i did get capped?

Even if you capped it wouldn’t make a difference. There is no difference in earnings between 418k vs 500k.

So there is nothing you can do. You just gotta rank another week. I confirmed in my spreadsheet.


Thats my points, it should make a difference but with new update tomorrow it doesn’t. Please stop trolling this thread.

Going from high rank 11 to rank 13 was not really a good system, their fix is more what is should have been all along.

No even before the change there is no point getting more than 418k. If you were actually capping every week you were wasting your time because you can only get so much CP gain per week.

You were doing way too much honor farming if you were capping in early weeks.

I do agree but its still irritating, I’ve planned my entire rank and now its being changed.

It’s basically better now. YOu aen’t stuck in R13 for 3 weeks. It’s 2 weeks of R12 and 2 weeks of R13.

Plus you still had to cap this week anyway. I don’t understand your complaining.

Were you gonna stop at R13?

last week i was rank 10 29% i got 500k qualified for r14 got max CP.

Listen bro. You were gonna cap honor this week anyway to keep ranking. I don’t understand your crying.

You would have been stuck in R13 for 3 weeks before. Now it’s only 2. And you are R12 for 2 weeks.

The total ranking time is the same.

It only matters at all if you were gonna stop at R13 which I doubt is the case.