So how do I get to Legion Dalaran?

Disclaimer: I’m a derp. I know. No need to point it out, thanks.

On my blingnei hunter, I went to get the class hall thing. I chose ‘skip the story, send me to Dalaran’, then decided I wanted to do the quest, and popped back to Stormwind.

Now, there appears to be no way at all to get back to Legion Dalaran. There’s only one mage on my server and they’re not answering, and since you can’t give anything but conjured items to people on other servers, I can’t buy a portal. I don’t have the Dalaran hearthstone because I didn’t do the quest.

So, now what?

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Do you still have your Dalaran hearthstone?


Can’t you use the new portal room? Or is that only active after the quest?


I’m going to assume you don’t have Legion pathfinder?
Otherwise just take the Azsuna portal from SW and fly to Dalaran.

Or go to Azsuna anyway and see if there’s a flight path linked to Dalaran?

New portal rooms have portal to WoLK Dalaran or Azsuna.


(points at “I don’t have the Dalaran hearthstone because I didn’t do the quest.”)

I told the guy send me to Dalaran. I landed, I decided “Wait, I’m leveling, I should do the quest for the XP”. I used one of the guild cloaks to get back to Stormwind.

You put on some nice ruby slippers, close your eyes and click the heels three times while saying:

“There’s no place like Dalaran”.

Open your eyes and boom! You’ll be in sweet Dalaran


Doh, sorry - I’m old and forgot about that. Hm, can she group with anyone cross realm? I have a two person mount.


The new portal room doesn’t have one I can use, that’s the first thing I tried. And no portal in the palace portal room, and no guy with a portal near the dock lion statue.

@Leinadh: Heh. :smiley: If only. I’m an engineer so if I had Reaves I could get there, but I didn’t have time to train…

I still don’t have that augmentation for Reaves…

Kemonojin - Dawnbringer is my main hunter. If you want, I can make one for you. Was a giant pain in the genitals to fish up, but I finally got it. Will have to coordinate shenanigans with the AH or something tho.

I don’t play on that server.

I just need to work on it.
I’m glad they ditched Legion’s horrible “quest chains for basic recipes” nonsense.

Can you try abandoning the quest and starting over? Or could my mage group with you cross realm for a port?


If you haven’t turned the quest in – which you clearly haven’t because it’s what grants you the Dalaran HS, just abandon the quest and start over.

That’s what I meant by ‘coordinate shenanigans with the AH’.

I don’t have the quest, because I used the option of “I’ve seen this before, just send me to Dalaran”. No quest at that point, just port. My only quests are a pet battle and a couple of low level ones I’d abandoned.

As to grouping, I’m sure that would work if we’re on the same side. The only reason I can’t buy a port is you can’t give gold to people not on your own server.

…and now, after logging back in to see if Grumbles was on, the quest is there. It was not, before. I only had three, something in Talador, a garrison 1.0 quest, and Beasts of Fate.

I abandoned it, and nothing. Recruiter Lee is not there anymore.

I could care less about gold. My mage is Gnome (of course lol).


The portal room only has old Dalaran.

Ok, logging off and back on gave me the quest so I could abandon it, then log off and back on to have the guy respawn. Yeesh, that was painful…


YAY! (does happy Gnome dance!)


Heh. I very nearly did it again. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the help, and offer…

hero board… broken shore quest accept will give u the quest the ports in mage tower to get back