So guys, about this wpvp thing

Lately I’m not playing the actual game as much, some personal things, house renovation, dentist etc.
I was mostly reading the forum.
When I saw so many whining about PVP, I did return to investigate.
1.As I posted in other posts, I traveled the whole map.

Conclusion, I don’t care about statistics. In all quest areas there are as much players I used to see back in 2005.

  1. World PVP.
    Yes, you get attacked a lot now. But it’s a PVP server.

  2. NO BGs yet more WPVP.

Would you like it without this?
An enemy player not attacking you, is NOT the NORM in a PVP server

  1. Myth: Getting Kills as an alliance is hard bc horde are too many

I got 12 HK in 2 hours, without farming them, just being silly in Tanaris, during my “checking out what people in forum say”.

So trust me, that’s a myth. You can get your HKs, but you have to actually try, and that effort just has to be minimum

I had a lot more to write about, but I’m bored,

Anecdotal evidence the thread.

is there a second part coming when you are through being bored?

Maybe, my dentist f***ed me up so it’s a mix of boredom and ear-to-brain pain
We’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

next time dont use a gnome dentist, there is a reason why you little guys all have smiles that look like a picket fence

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Eliphas has a point, goblin dentists are much superior

Sounds like BGs will be happening on a PvP server

I think a Lidl parkside multi-tool is better than my dentist

… What? :rofl: