So for the new Latin America realms

In my understanding, this is saying we can transfer characters from realms within Latin America tab to the new realm. But there’s no other realm in the LA tab atm. What does it actually mean? Is everyone in NA tab also eligible to transfer to LA?

in this region AMERICAS

so it’s gonna be a well stirred milkshake I guess?

but will it bring the Brazillians to the yard?

They have BR server

Blizzard said that you can transfer from any US server (not European server: that is a different group) to the Portuguese server or to the Spanish server. There is no restriction on “current server”.

But there is a time limit: you only have 11 days to do it. Details (from Blizzard, listed on Wowhead):

Spanish server: you can go there from any PVP server for 11 days. It started today (Thurs) at 1pm Central time. For the first 24 hours only transfers from other servers can go there (for name reasons). After that you can create a new character on that server.

Same for the Brazilian server: 11 days transfer from any PVP server, started today at 3 pm BRT, only transfers for 24 hours.