So ele can just delete people?

I didn’t realize this was a thing. Haven’t been playing that much, but I’d assume everyone and their mother would be doing this.

It’s just so fast. Even when I’m looking for it, a single second of CC is enough to kill people. Kept happening. In one case the healer was killed and I was taken to 10%.

This game… just disheartening.


Am I missing something? Just dispel flame shock or insta CDs if you see ascendance? It seemed so fast. Like one global if you don’t react… that’s it. Or is there something else I should be looking for?

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Yeah, big ascend build. :dracthyr_love_animated: Survive it and they do nothing for like 3 minutes.

Yea. It’s not right. Ele got on my team and did no damage and died. Honestly thought he was cheating… Didn’t call him a cheater, but just something felt off.

I can’t believe this is being allowed. Like one DR stun and I was dead. Even when I’m looking for it, it was just so quick. Keep getting one game away from 2400 then drop back down. Ugg.

Yea it needs to be nerfed but there is counterplay to playing around it

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There’s usually a few specs with some sort of all-in cheese 1-shot, it’s just a matter of how often you can do it, how reliable it is, how open to counterplay, etc.

Usually when I see somebody doing this they get like 1, maybe 2 wins and are otherwise useless.

It shouldn’t be a thing but usually isn’t a big deal.

What’s the counter play? I legit died in a 1s stun one match. The ele pulled this off 3 other times. Just me one time… but still. Even if you’re looking for it, CC still happens.

All the players were pretty decent in this group. I don’t think people are getting to 2350 slumming, ya know? Not saying you’re saying that, but it’s clearly working and working well. Even when I was looking for it, damage still happened.

Just had a WW die opener without pressing anything and while not in CC while both of his partners were crossed so it’s not exactly the cream of the crop at this stage of the season. :dracthyr_heart:

Again, though, it is cheese in the sense that you usually score a kill with it and then people adjust. Maybe there’s some people making it work consistently but I just haven’t bumped into one yet.

You save your trinket/defensives/stops for when the ele is popping cooldowns. If you popped your trinket when the ele hasn’t popped cooldowns yet, that is the issue

Unfortunately a ww will kill me if I don’t trinket their cds =/

i’d assume a chunk of those ele at 2.4 are doing this.

If the ele can land you in a stun with no trinket while also having Precog up, there would be absolutely no way to survive unless someone uses a defensive like pain sup or something beforehand. So maybe good ele’s just play around that win condition

Yea, would make sense. Probably why he didn’t win when paired with me. They were pulling trinkets outside of the ele’s cds. Not always, but did happen.

I ran a DH one shot build in SS at 2600 lol, hit a warrior for 100k eye beam into a 250k hunt into a 150k essence. Didn’t even get to get my fat death sweep cause he died.

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Good thing hunt and eye beam are getting like a 30% buff next season. You’ll just have to press one of those now.

Lava surge (instant lvb proc from flame shock ticks) is turned into volcanic surge.

Instant give away it’s a cheese build.

From there if the ele has skyfury down, badge popped, pwave active, spirit Walker’s grace, flux melting active, hard casting a (slow, cus this build has no haste) lava burst

And none of you react

Prolly dead

Because ascendance (3m CD) is the button after

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I think they got rid of the DH fear, I used the talent to amplify damage after it ends, momentum also got nerfed, which I used for this build.

That didn’t happen. I insta kill sky fury. He didn’t cast anything.

do pets have that anti crit stll?

Roar of Sacrifice? Yep. I could have also used interlope, but wasn’t sure when damage was going to happen. He didn’t cast and the second he hit ascendance, .6s later someone was dead. Like some short CC happens and poof.

Now you do and you will never lose to it again.

Not really. The only precursor was ascendance and the damage was instant. It was basically reacting within that .5s or dying.