So Dwarf Slayer is coming next patch!

If anyone is familiar with warhammer dwarf slayers are the most bad a things. And with the wildhammer tattoos looks like one can be a rogue, xmog the weps to be axes and be a freaking dwarf slayer! Time to level up my rogue.

Or be a warrior and actually be a slayer…

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oh I forgot WoW fury warriors dual wield one handed axes instead of two handed and wear minimal armor, sometimes just leather pants like slayers. my bad, totally forgot.

A Dwarf Slayer is the ultimate Dwarf warrior, the perfect personification of death and destruction, and bringer of doom to the enemies of their race.

I thought the new cosmetic options were shadowlands, not 8.3?

Because if they’re 8.3 then my undead getting his elbows/knees back will be very happy.

I read the title “Dwarf Slayer” as slayer of dwarfs. Which, I have been doing for many years. :wink: