So can you buy items off someone in P2?

I think if blizz wants all of this to completely stop they need to just disable trading I. Dungeons/raids I think it’s a dumb idea but I also think think the gdkp ban is dumb and not really helpful. But if there going to ban Gdkps they need to enforce it. They can’t do it like they are doing now with gold buyers. They have to actually enforce its on both sides of the coin the Gdkps and the gold buying

I am glad they are trying it though. Sod is the perfect testing grounds for it

I prefer to see data because right now we dont really have any.

I am 100% open to the game being worse as a result of the ban and them reverting it.

But until they try? We wont really know as its all just conjecture based on our biases.

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Well, we’ll have to know the detection method to see the can and can’ts, but as it is right now, I’ll only sell the eventual BoEs at the AH to be safe

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Yep, and the unfortunate reality is they may never say as if you tell how the detection works, it can lead to avoiding it easier.

Because you’re being intentionally obtuse which leads me to believe you have an ulterior motive.

Someone posted the blue post in this thread. It’s very clear.

Gear Awatded + gold taken = bad
Buying. a FAP from your homies isn’t paying gold for awarded gear.

This is why “I was being intentionally obtuse”

A point can be made that a greeded BoE was awarded by rolling and then it was sold to another person as the item was intended to be sold being a boe

How do you award something that didn’t drop and is easy to obtain?

You can award something for any reason. Anything can be considered awarded. Blizzard does not have a definition of “awarded”. If you can link me a customer support glossary page where they strictly define “awarded” in relation to their games then sure.

Context says they’re talking about items that drop in the raid.

And this is where it all goes back to Spirit vs Letter of the Law.

Spirit of the Law, absolutely I agree with you.

Letter of the Law, I’m right.

I want clarification, that’s all.

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Raid leaders can prevent people from rolling on stuff to sell it. Loot everything first and trade it to the winner since it can only be traded once.

They’re not going to clarify because bad actors will do whatever they can to skirt the rules.

If you don’t want to get banned for gdkp don’t trade gold in a raid.

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I’m not planning on it for the reasons we’re discussing.

This is the way.

Though it requires raiders who aren’t greedy otherwise there will be a lot of moaning about the 1-2g you get from the random greens.

Blizz will track the gdkp gold transfer path, that’s a given (funneling → redistributing equally). About the rest, we don’t have a clue.

I fear that they go to the easy path, enforcing the rules only to masterloot runs

I have a feeling they’re gonna be looking for large sums of gold not 1-2g for a potion.

If you’re asking if its wrong to do, chances are it probably is because chances are also that you’re smart enough to answer your own question but want to get some ideas on loopholes.

There may be a small number of legitimate item to gold trades that got swept up in the larger scheme. Its not that important, so its an acceptable loss.

Since you’re okay with the sacrifice, hopefully you’ll be one of the chosen few who you support being falsely permabanned. Good luck!

Since i dont engage in that activity its unlikely, but you go right ahead with posting nonsense.