So are we at all concerend over spell Batching?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is an even larger change to combat and combat mechanics overall than would be done by simply improving hybrids, something that seemingly the majority of the people seem to be against.

And for the record, I’m not mentioning that to drag class balance discussions into this thread, but rather pointing out to people that underestimate the significance of a change like this, that perhaps they should more carefully consider the impacts that this has on combat in general. This is the kind of change that impacts every single player, of every single class, spec, and faction in the game and especially impacts their interactions with one another… If you claim to want authenticity for vanilla, this is exactly the kind of thing that simply MUST be included.


No it’s not, things working consistently the way they were supposed to work and randomly did work is not a change. It’s simply a fix to server design.

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Don’t get me wrong - I agree with you 100% - I want authentic vanilla spell batching. But similar to water textures, I’m not entirely sure if it’s a hill I’m willing to die on. Saying it must be included is a bit of a stretch, since as far as changes go, it likely won’t have a significant effect on most players in most situations.

As far as changes go, if I have to live with it to get WoW Classic, I will take it. I would rather have WoW Classic with modern spell batching than retail in any form.

Even though only a few are vocal doesn’t mean it is good to allow it to change. I was here on the forums for years starting in Wrath-Beta saying many changes were going to ruin WoW for me and millions of others.

I was very much in the minority.

So many others just parroted Blizzard’s reasons for changes over and over again. But even more, never bothered to post on the forums ever. They just unsubbed once changes went live.

There’s a ton of stuff that Blizzard got wrong in Vanilla(bugs/exploits/imbalances, etc.). There’s a ton of stuff they’d like to have added for security and stability. But none of that means Vanilla was bad or unpopular or unsuccessful.

Blizzard and others just have to trust in Vanilla, and the customers will come.

We all want Classic out as soon as possible. But we can be patient for it to be more Vanilla and just wait another 6 months or so for some changes.

no, spell batching is bad for immersion

There hasn’t been a single post removed about spell batching, nor would anyone ever be penalized for expressing their opinion constructively. Also that post you’re talking about is still up.

I believe the removal of spell batching was in MoP in patch 5.0.1. I don’t have anything to share on it at this point in time but we have seen the very lengthy conversations about it. When we have something more concrete to share on it we will let you guys know!


Blue post:

Trolls: swarm! swarm! swarm!

Careful Ythisens, there’s some snark in those comments of yours, wouldn’t want to anger your customers.

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Thank you for the reply Ythisens.


It’s Ythisens… he prefers snark over actual professionalism any day of the week. Have you seen how he posts on discord?


this post seem plenty professional to me, people need to accept that some of the things they ‘think’ is happening really are not that way at all, but I guess its fun to feed into conspiracy theories,lol.



I mean this post was for sure, but the other posts he has made are not conspiracy theories by any means. Just ask him about pvp in vanilla.


I have yet to see a post from him that supports any of the conspiracy theories around.

I am not sure what you are talking about in terms of conspiracies tbh. I am simply talking about how to posts on certain topics and how it is border line trolling.

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Him? trolling? yah not seeing that at all, just because he posts something people do not agree with does not make it trolling.


Well, when you have to reply over and over about something, and with people that are intent on trolling and just being a nuisance. You get what you deserve. Look at this topic for starters. The OP is talking conspiracy theories, and things that are just not true. The threads still exist, and Xcrum was legit banned in 2011. If he makes one misstep then people try to jump all over him.

Maybe since you’re so worried about it, you should ask him about pvp in vanilla? The rest of us are concerned about Classic, and not to worried about some tinfoil hat wearers.

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Ill find the post for you if you would like. There are multiple posts where people ask him questions like “Hey Ythisens what is pvp in vanilla looking like” and he responses are “It’s awful” and people ask “Why’s that?” and he just posts twitch emojis of people cracking up and stuff of that nature.

People post them on reddit all the time and they get deleted soon after.

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It would not make any difference, I do not look for these consipracy theory, is vs them that too many people seem to do, he does from time to time, try to post as ‘one of us’ though.

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You and I are talking about two different subjects. Also, just in case you get confused this is the guys job. If someone is saying something trolly to him, he should ignore it. Period. If I have a customers that come to my register acting stupid and every now and then I slip up and start being unprofessional guess what, I get fired.

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