Smolderthorn Alliance Reconnections

What was your name/guild?

Zera - ProtWar - Exo
Shira - Priest - Exo
Tiki/Tikara - Mage - Exo/Girl of your Dreams

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I was a horde rogue named Ebonslash. My guild was Dishonorable. Spent way too much time in BRM ganking and griefing alliance. Had a few rivals I enjoyed fighting.

YES! My husband is going to Flip out! Thanks!

Character: Gackto, NE Rogue
Guild: Transcendence


Steve: Human Warrior

Lots of old school names popping up. Was a fun server


Sup Onirei long time no see glad to see you’re still around.

This is Namus (Human Paladin) - Former CO-GM of Vengeful Fury.

Main: Aliveos, Human, Mage
Classic Guilds: Cátaclysm, Guardian Heroes; TBC Guild: Devastation

  • Shadowviper
  • Arashi
  • Holybeast
  • Zaragorn
  • Moonwhisper
  • Millie
  • Mankin
  • Beeo
  • Bloin
  • Pokidot
  • Dave
  • Khlamydia

Be in touch if you want to reconnect! btag Aliveos#1368


Human Paladin

Main Guilds: Phobia & Rebirth

Discord: duke#6913

Ahh, I remember your name! This is Brutii, human pally in Phobia, who else is around?


Not planning on playing really (Japan time zone), but I’ve been looking for someone named Zergy to catch up with. Or anyone else I guess. I might hop on Classic someday.

B net Knable#11976
Discord Warp#1883

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This thread needs more KiSS… ;). Wildheart


Nexiss: Night Elf Rogue
Guild: Pirates Never Die, DragonCrest
Rolling on Arugal for Classic

Amorise: Human Mage
Guild: Ardent Spirits, Warriors of Wisdom

Hey sel, riv, and namus :slight_smile:

So this brings back memories, though my memory is not as it use to be.

I know I was in Beyond Reckoning and I may have been Guild Leader, at least raid leader. (I know, terrible memory right).

My warrior was named Jeraiya, little gnome, but I can’t remember what my hunter’s name was…

Edit: r3con#11395 add me and help me remember.

Edit2: Specifically looking for Iceyman, dwarf hunter.


Ok, I know I was in Remorse as well and Beyond Reckoning.
This is Jeraiya.
I am friends with Meezer on FB, I should check with him if he is gonna give Classic a go.


Name - Leetllama
Night Elf Rogue
Guilds: Ostralyan Pain, Immortality


My character race/class/level: Level 29 Human Mage.
My character’s name: Burrnn, or Burrn, or Burnn (forgot the exact spelling)
My Guild: Hard Target
I am looking for other members from Hard Target.

I was in KiSS! Apocalypse - NE Hunter


Yo, let me know if you hear from meezer and he wants to play. Itd be amazing to group with him again for sure!

Avelolaa, human female warlock

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