Slug Life Warning

Constant Ninja Looting and Negative Behavior from this guild. I’ve personally witnessed it myself on multiple occasions as well as heard it from many other players in this Server. Stay away from Slug Life PUGs.

Consider yourself warned.

This sounds more like a personal grievance instead of an actual issue. Blizzard has built an anti-ninja loot system into the game called “Group Loot”. Its easy, only join PUG groups that have group loot turned on!

This just sounds like another player with a personal problem trying to create exclusion among the Earthfury community.

FYI: Slug Life takes Ninja Looting and Negative Behavior very seriously and we hold our raiders to a very high standard. If you have any proof or screenshots of such incidents feel free to post them and we will deal with the players!

** Slug Life ** 17/17 25-man and 10-mans running every week! Active discord, great community, and always a good time. Join today to secure a spot on our team!