Slow down professions/mini-game

For some people like myself, having the OPTION to enter a “mini-game” when crafting items and breaking down materials could and probably would improve the overall experience of the game.
A great example of this feature that is already in the game but isolated to a very specific quest is in the Legion Expansion’s, New Dalaran City, where the player has to manually break away the peices of jem to craft and shape a finished product.

It is my belief that the implementation of such an OPTIONAL profession “mini-game” system for !ALL OF THE CRAFTABLE ITEMS AND MATERIAL BREAKDOWNS IN THE GAME SUCH AS PROSPECTING AND MILLING!, would give the game a much needed layer of depth, quality and enjoyment to the player’s experience.
Sidenote: maybe hand-crafted items would have +1 point or something vs a just click to make item?

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