Slash Pull Five [H] 9/10H LFM AOTC

Slash Pull Five [H] 9/10H (Sire 52% first night)

Slash Pull Five is a horde progression guild located on the Thunderhorn server connected to Agamaggan, Archimonde, Blade’s Edge, Burning Legion, Jaedenar, Kargath, Norgannon, and The Underbog. Originally an Alt guild, that soon begame a progression raiding guild formed by founding members from hardcore raiding backgrounds, including some CE Experience. We are a solid, tight knit team of like minded players who desire to raid efficiently and enjoyably. Althought fairly new, we have manage to almost clear Heroic Nathria in a respectable amount of time with Sire to 52% during first couple of nights progging on him. We hope to get AOTC and move into mythic in the near future.

Schedule: We will never raid outside of 2 nights a week, We will have alt / normal runs for casuals, or other members wanting to gear alts, but those runs are not mandatory.

We raid Wednesday and Thursdays from 8:30-11:00PM EST, and we will never go past 11:00PM.


Recruitment is competitive and we are looking for exceptional players. We’d prefer players with up to date experience and gear for the current content but we’ll make exceptions if you have a good raiding history. If you are accepted into the guild, you will be raiding. We do not recruit for the bench, as we use a rotational roster system. We have no issues replacing current raiders with trials who prove themselves to be better players.

Current needs:

Tanks: Closed but will be considered.


Resto Druid - High Priority


Unholy DK - High Priority

Warrior (Arms / Fury) - High Priority


Shadow Priest: High Priority

Hunter: Medium Priority

To Apply: Contact our recruitment officers: Bnet:Headslice#11839 or Sairys#11858. Or Discord: Supremancy#6166 or Sairysdraconis#1534

What does the guild have to offer you?

:diamonds:Laid back and chill atmosphere

:diamonds:A group of welcoming people who will treat you like family

:diamonds:A team that wants to progress.

:diamonds:We will provide all the materials needed for raiding, unless you prefer personal food over feasts.

:diamonds:Mythic + nights, Normal raid nights, Heroic progression, and soon to be Mythic progression.

:diamonds: Active discord, and in game guild that can offer you a place to always play and meet new friends

What do we expect from you?

:diamonds: A positive like minded attitdue, wanting to be apart of a team and a team player. If you think all about yourself and dont want to progress as a guild, then dont bother applying.

:diamonds: 100% attendance during Trial period which last anywhere from 2-3 weeks. After trial is passed 90% attendance is required unless posted out in our attendance channel.

:diamonds: Come prepared to raids, if you use augment runes or personal food. Make sure to bring them with you, Be on 15 mins prior to invites so we can use our time wisely and get as many pulls in as possible.

:diamonds: Have a working mic, and be able to communicate well in discord.

:diamonds: Be Active, we want a thriving community within the guild and want you to make friends and enjoy the game!

If you have any more questions or are interested just leave a reply, or contact one of the officers above. Look forward to hearing from you!

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