Skyfury is unplayable. No raids in WOTLK content on Skyfury tonight

So…you describe the problem, you agree it was foreseeable, presumably you understand merging is the solution, yet you are asking what you could have possibly planned?

Perhaps plane to solve this problem that was clear to arise? Shoot, you could have automated the scripts and written them at launch. Auto merge when pops get low enough. I’m not sure why this isn’t obvious to you.

But fresh was awesome. Definitely not a mistake, the only mistake was poor planning.

What you’re asking for goes against the very nature of fresh.

I don’t think you’re discussing this in good faith. They opened transfers after four months which also goes “against the nature of fresh.” But of course, they did that because it made sense.

Obviously you are speaking with a bunch of fresh players no longer able to play, and the solution is obvious. The solution is merging.

Either you are being willfully obstinate or you don’t have the capacity to understand what I’m describing, but I can’t do it any better.

Shocking news that the ““fresh”” realms are dead, absolutely no one could have seen this coming…

People dropping their current servers to go re-roll somewhere else are fickle and didn’t stick around long term? Who could have predicted this!?

Sorry that you’re not able to play the game any more OP, the only solution is pay for a transfer for wait for blizz to throw the realm in the bin and merge you with a long term established and active realm.

If you don’t want to pay for an xfer, I would recommend just rerolling on the biggest mega server you can and staying there, it’s the only way to protect yourself from this happening again.


I never understood the whole appeal of fresh in the first place. It sounds like you guys got exactly what you asked for, it just wasn’t what you wanted. In any case, don’t expect transfers to any of the big servers.

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Blizzard is not going to merge Skyfury or start doing auto-merges. The most you’ll get is free transfers off. What Blizzard has been doing is offering free transfers off servers and later deleting those servers. You’d probably be offered free transfers to Eranikus if anything. This is just the reality.

You can suggest free transfers in this thread too: Character Transfers Update - WoW Classic / Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

If you actually want to unsub that’s fine. Put your reason in the box.

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Threre’s a difference between RAW DATA verses a form of data. If you’re refering to as the source of data that we could see, that’s an incredibly inaccurate form of data. Blizzard has the RAW DATA they can see exactly how many unique users are playing on a server. WE can’t. We can check out but does not account for: Anyone who played but didn’t raid, any levelers, anyone who raided but raid was not recorded and how many of those people who raided were unique vs. how many were alts.

Also consider back in classic/tbc when many of us were transferring, there was no way to tell how populated these locked servers were gonna be come WRATH. How many quit? Who still plays? How many players still subbed and play but are just on a hiatus? We don’t have all that information. Blizzard does and always has. That’s also assuming people care enough to check. I don’t ever think players thought to check to make sure their server wasn’t TOO full, they only checked to make sure their server had a decent amount of people. It’s Blizzard who gets to say when the server is TOO full, and they didn’t until it was TOO late.

I’m not saying there isn’t BETTER solutions, just simply that this is their solution.

Very true when you go back to the start of Classic no one could predict what would happen at all. We had servers that were the smart choice either losing one side or dying completely within two years. For example, people kept saying “roll on Herod it’s the safe bet” but it died anyway. This affected about 95% of the PVP population and about 90% of the overall population.

I was one of the few passionately posting about this stuff. I’ve also found that the server experience makes up a massive part of how much fun I have with the game, at least 40% or more (with the another 50% being on the guild community and the other 10% being on any other part of the game) because the nuances of thing like how people work together are so interesting to me that they ARE the game. However I’m also pretty sure my outlook is almost completely unique and when I make posts like this the majority doesn’t get it, especially today so that’s ok. So yes I was invested in thinking about stuff like this pretty early.

Most people don’t have a problem with moving around on a whim and I don’t think the OP does either.

Anyway, my opinion is that Skyfury was fine (they had just closed 22 servers so adding 1 was ok) when announced as there is something to be said for starting fresh, it really can be fun, BUT it also attracted bored people from other servers and bored people from Shadowlands. So I never said that it wouldn’t die because I also thought I could but I wanted that to be wrong because I like to see people who make nasty posts be proven wrong, plus it would have been amazing to see that server community thrive throughout the life of Wrath but what can you do? Maladath and Angerforge were a mistake either way, in my opinion.


I always appreciate hearing your perspective, Mootwo. One of the few on the forums who, regardless if I agree or disagree with, always can have a very thoughtful and unbiased response. :slight_smile:


Skyfury was really bumping, even post launch when ‘everyone went back to their server’.

We had 2-3 layers, until about Thanksgiving. Then it started going down quite a bit.

That date alone, probably eludes to more of the fact that Retail players left to go to dragonflight, more than players from other servers.

The fact that Ulduar didn’t hit until 2 months after that, and you could transfer OFF but not On/Boost really sealed the decline.

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We did get what we asked for, an experience where everyone was levelling at the same time, hit max at the same time, and progressed through raiding at the same time. It was absolutely awesome.

Now that phase has ended and in order to recover from the drastic population dropoff server merges are obviously the answer.


Which would have completely cratered the server economy and rendered the entire point of a fresh server moot.

Tell me you know nothing about programming without saying you know nothing about programming.

The only things Blizz could do to incentivize people trying to get servers closer to a 50/50 split would be to increase rewards for playing as the lower-pop faction on a server and only allow people to make characters of that faction on those servers…which doesn’t guarantee anything actually happening because it’s up to the players.

Server merges would only affect the smaller servers, so servers like Pagle and Mankrik would still be the Alliance/Horde bastions they currently are regardless of merges.

“There is no perfect pasta sauce, only perfect pasta sauces.”


Forcing players to play 1 faction or the other isnt up to the conpany. If i were forced to play horde or alliance for the sake of faction balance.

I wouldnt play. Faction balance isnt a classic only issue its a wow issue just look at retail and horde and alliance able to raid together.

The faction inbalance just gets worse after wrath going to the horde side.

Those new servers were doomed because they got the retail vacationers and players that transferred from servers with ques who turned around and went back to those servers once the ques went away.

You get what you asked for and you had people with common sense say “that’s a bad idea”, this isn’t something new and it’s been around since mid 2006 (paid character transfer) or earlier than that just to re roll or “roll on a fresh server”.

As someone who played on the OG Deathwing server back in the day (2005), that was a full server back then and by late 2006 people mostly went to Stormscale for a “fresh” start, that didn’t work out too well cause another year or two even Stormscale became a ghost town by the end of Cata.

Bro the server economy was tanked after a month anyways lol. Gold was crazy cheap, bots all over the place, people had 20k gold with ease.

Dont talk if youre just gonna make stuff up lol

Only about a decade and a half coding so far, but I often feel like I know nothing.

Seems like it would not be difficult to merge servers with low pops. Is merging databases no longer scriptable? :thinking:

It’s only a bad idea if Blizzard does nothing once the inevitable drop off comes. It was a great way to experience the game in a like-launch state again, I’m sorry you didn’t get to experience that.

You have to play on a fresh server to understand. You make a ton of friends and have fresh enemies (on pvp server). It is the true social element of an MMO.


Thanks for confirming that fresh is pointless.

And yet i disagree. All the mega servers were completely locked or one sided, and for a bit skyfury was close to 50/50 with tons of people.

It was absolutely a success. Until they refused to make it a normal server.

They built a good server that had dope PvP… but w.e

Its almost like the nostalgia trip is over for the OG players and the people picking up the game achieved what they wanted and is waiting for the next boss with 2 mechanics that will drop in 3 hours because it was done 15 years ago.