Skull of impending doom [seems to be sorta fixed! (not affected by armor)]

I made a post about this ~3 weeks ago, submitted a bug and posted on forums.

Skull is using the TBC change and it’s practically unusable atm.

EDIT: As of 15/10/2019 It seems that skull is fixed, currently after a few tests i’m getting random ticks ranging from 100-500 instead of the flat % every time!

EDIT 2: Okay so they fixed so it isn’t a flat percentage but it’s still not affected by armor reduction even though the flee is physical. Can provide screenshots of a warrior taking 500+ dmg in beserker stance but he has 42% damage reduction from plate set.


Pls fix, this is NEEDED asap for phase 2 onwards…


Needs to be fixed

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This needs more attention, blizzard needs to fix this.


Fix asap…

…or just launch Classic completely busted with layering, TBC value items, abusable features, dozens of class bugs, undertuned raid content, and streamers to cry about PVP and calling it TOS griefing…

|| The latter is already in full effect ||


That feel when private servers had less game breaking bugs. That. Feel.


Another week goes by, still bugged :frowning:


It would be super awesome if blizz would get this fixed. If this was from the 1.12.2 reference that they had… I don’t understand how it got the TBC version of the item in the first place.

Almost makes one think that maybe it wasn’t 1.12.2 and was actually the 2.0.1 prepatch that they actually had, and they worked it backwards and missed some things during the process… >.>

I’m not good enough to actually use Skull but after reading this I’m glad I never actually did in a pvp situation because it would’ve flat out killed me.

This is a major bug let’s make no mistakes

typical streamer

Plays on pvp server
Actively broadcasts location in front of a live audience
Thinks it is unfair when they get abuse on an anything goes server

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ever consider it isn’t bugged and was intentionally added to “fix” this exploit ? I was wondering if older items took 100% of spellpower like they did in classic but if skull of doom is fixed then maybe not.

I seen a few people claim rather than being 1.12 this patch IS burning crusade just without the level 70 talents (citation needed :sweat_smile:)

they think the fact that they make money off of the games means blizzard should protect them, and even go as far as banning people that stream snipe.

there is a very simple way to avoid being stream sniped and it is playing pve servers, there is litrally no way you could distinguish “stream sniping” from random world encounters

oh i agree, they are just looking for something to blame when they lose

streamers like to argue their business is more important than what normal players do. this comes up a lot in fortnite but its petty af to complain about this in wow.

This basically describes Classic

It wouldn’t surprise me at this point honestly.

Also, not sure what Blizzard is doing if they are intentionally leaving some abusable items/mechanics in, but selectively “fixing” things like this. I thought the comment was “warts and all”?

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Still nothing. Such an iconic piece for pvp still remains broken, big shame.


I just would settle for classes to work right mechanically. I lost interest in leveling due to so many talent and item bugs. Currently can’t even charge a target because it puts other CC on DR which wasn’t added till patch 4.06. So i shelved my warrior maybe low level Twink PvP will be the best idea until they fix the game.

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Well we know discombobulator ray is using the 2.0.x fix and is not working how it should in 1.12 same with skull of impending doom


Just wanted to report (I have screenshots if needed) that this is still broken in more ways than we thought. It was ticking for over 500 damage on my rogue (504) and no I didnt have anything that increased my damage taken.

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