Skilled Veteran LF great Mythic Raiding Guild

Very competant and non-toxic player looking for a good raiding guild. As of right now im Rank 9 in classic in PvP (max rank) and #1 standing on my server. In semi-hardcore guild that clears MC in 1.5hours casually.

I’ve played WoW since Vanilla (Originally cleared MC/BWL/AQ and parts of Naxx). BC/WOTLK Arena Gladiator. In other words im a sweaty player.

Played MoP for a few months. That’s about the extent of my retail experience. I am a complete noob to retail but a noob who can learn quickly and obviously plays the game enough and has the skill required.

I’m down to roll any class, healing sounds fun so leaning towards a Priest. I can play and have experience playing every class except DK and Monk. But am open to whatever is needed. I can do the boost or w/e to get insta 120, just need a good guild whose doing Mythics who can just tell me what to do for the first couple days.

Feel free to respond here or in-game im on Classic most of the day until I get a guild for this BFA thing.

Im just a little bored of Classic, as this is my 2nd time playing it, and would like something close to the challenging level that classic offers, so I understand that to be MYTHIC raiding.

I play anywhere between 10-14 hours a day on Classic so I can and am willing to gear up, I just need a guild whose patient and willing to give me the initial boost and take me under their wing.

IMPORTANT NOTE I don’t want a toxic or vulgur guild that acts like theyre in a guy’s locker room or talks mad crap about everyone. I know that eliminates some of the Elitist top guilds but i’m going for enjoyment.

Shinypants #12759

I’d love to chat - I’ll be adding you on discord too.
Here’s our spam for your leisure reading. :smiley:

</ Same Plan, Less Dying /> is recruiting for both our progression (mythic) and social progression (AotC) teams.

We pride ourselves in being different in that we are actually active, social and like each other - join our discord, try us!

Anywho! We’re a fun, social guild with Mythic and AotC focus that would love to add more solid people to our team. We are specifically looking for those who like progress without the elitist mentality. We’ve got players who have played together for years and will stay strong for plenty more. :grin:

What do we do??

  • Progression team runs Tues & Thurs 8-11pm EST. (3/8M, 8/8H, 8/8 normal)
  • Social progression team runs (as of 8.3) will be Wed 8-11pm EST.

Mythic Plus/Keys are pretty much all day every day and some PVP here and there.
We run an active M+ community too. Guilded or not, you’re welcome to be added there. ^.^

Please add me to battle-net if you’re interested - I’d be very glad to talk! Saxx#1747