Skilled Seasoned Mage Looking for Social/Raiding Guild

Looking for a very social guild that raids but is not too serious. Rather have a good laid back atmosphere to make some friends vs. maxing out (been there, done that). Was world and nationally ranked a long time ago…

Hey there,

A few questions. Are you horde or alliance? :slight_smile: How “not serious” for raiding are you looking for? Are you looking only to achieve AOTC?

Our guild is a Casual Heroic progression currently 5/8H in need for dps. WE have obtained AOTC every tier in Legion and aiming to do so for BFA. We are a laid back, chill group who still enjoy raiding with a fun and positive attitude.

If you are interested come check us out:

I can transfer and change to Horde. Sounds interesting, I’m willing to make a go of it if you like. I like your raiding frequency and times.

You can talk to our Officer Gad#1523 if you like. Is thanksgiving, so he may take awhile to respond this evening. If you have any other questions in the meantime, you can also add my Btag Leens#11580.

hi sounds like we’d be a good fit for what you’re looking for. Here’s our recruitment post - add me on Moonpie#1732 if you would like to speak further. ♥ 2 day guild AOTC - BoD 1/9M 9/9H & 9/9N <PremoGaming>

Hey Higgz, Not sure if you are still looking but I think you would be a good fit for many of us were hardcore raiders in the past, pushing Mythic (or heroic content when it was top tier) and are done treating WoW like a second job. Though we still possess the drive to be the best we can be, we do so with much less commitment and time on the game. Would love to chat with you, add my battletag (Fallsmyer#1505) or discord (Fallsmyer#1811).