Skewed Risk/Reward for Boat Camping

Just needs to run AV a few times.

I didn’t say anything about fair fights. Go burn a strawman somewhere else.

No one is camping anywhere to me. But if you are 10v1’ing people, don’t call it “dangerous PvP”, because you only make yourself look stupid.

I do plenty of that, the important part is to call PvP for what it is.

If both sides race to the end and ignore each other, Alliance have the advantage. If Horde turtle IW choke, Horde have the advantage.

Boats are already changed from vanilla - if you died on the boat in vanilla, were mc’d off, etc you ate a spirit rez. In classic however, you just endlessly respawn alive on the boat as it crosses to a new continent.

This was a carebear change to prevent griefing that has resulted in quite the opposite effect. Dying on the boat used to be meaningful.

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There’s actually a problem with the boat PVP in that if your corpse is on the boat and the boat leaves, you get sucked along with the boat when it leaves and rezzes you in the other zone. This can create circumstances where the only way to escape being corpse camped on the boat is to take rez sickness.


I think you’re missing the point here, boomer.

Your “pvp” is easymode. You’re the carebear living on a carebear horde server where other people carry you - and you can actually do stuff other than get ganked all day.

Go back to retail, boomer.


Did another player kill you? Did 10 other players kill you?

Player v Player happened on a Player v Player realm

Ill say it again. Your idea of fair pvp has no place on a pvp realm.

Roll on a PvE server.

eye for an eye.
we got a group and camp them over and over till they took res sickness. They can’t call for back up.
if you keep killing them they can’t get honor for 10 min then they go somewhere else.
plus its fun.

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I didn’t say anything about pvp being fair or not fair to me. No need to strawman arguments that I’m not making unless you fail at reading comprehension so epically that you cannot make out simple words.

If you are engaging in unfair PvP, that is COMPLETELY FINE. If you are making unfair PvP out to be some danger filled excursion, you are objectively wrong and deserve to be called a carebear.

I’m not saying PvP realms shouldn’t have this type of interaction, I’m saying this type of Interaction is safe and carebear-like. It’s ok to play your PvP server like a carebear.


You are asking for it to not happen to you on your pvp realm. Go and get a group to kill them already or do you feel that by taking a 40 man raid to camp them would brand you a carebare, because it wouldn’t be fair or dangerous?

What im telling you is coming to these forums to cry about it, is the epitome of carebare.

ITT: Horde boat campers

Got 7 guildies to come and kill the 3 of them last night. Easy 800 honor and alot of fun. Especially watching the warrior jump off into the ocean after rezzing.

What’s that? You don’t like hearing that you signed up to the “meta pvp faction” becuase it gives you an advantage, and your faction has advantages in towns & hubs, and your faction is overpopulated as well - so your pvp skills are in fact nonexistent due to all of the clear advantages you have?

Ok, boomer.

No I’m not. You are dumb. Orc no read.

I’m not crying about anything.

What I am doing is telling you that you participate in carebear PvP. It’s ok though, with enough raid killing that I’ve participated in, this server looks like Whimsyshire with a bunch of dead teddy bears that don’t know how to stop a mage from wiping their raid.

You know how you get them to stop camping the boat?

Get a priest to mind control them into the water, especially fatigue water. No insta res or health cuz they not on the boat anymore.

Stop complaining, there’s ways around everything.


5 kids. Doing my part.

I love my advantage, thank you.

Welcome to Classic on a PvP server.

There you go again. Nothing is considered carebare pvp on a pvp realm. When will you understand.

Carebear is when things are nice, safe, easy and carefree. It’s entirely possible for one faction or one class to have this when it comes to PvP. It’s still PvP, but don’t try to convince others that it isn’t what it is.

If you wanna be brave and you wanna expose yourself to risk and danger, pick a server and go roll Minority Faction. Whether you are the majority or minority faction, the PvP on a PvP server is still PvP…even if you are a carebear. :wink:

I usually tell PvPers to stop whining, but this looks like a legit issue and, for what it’s worth, I agree this should be looked at.


I hope you get camped landing at every flight path, every dungeon portal, i hope every quest giver you ever have to interact with is dead, every single profession node in the world takes you 10 deaths and then you watch in ghost form as it is taken from you.

I hope you level 12 alt gets killed and camped for hours by 2 40 man raid teams of lvl 60’s in Naxx gear.

I hope all of this for you and at the same time i hope i never have to read another post from you on these forums regading:


Unless of course its how much you enjoy it.

If you can AFK in BRM with no risk of getting ganked, you are in fact playing in carebear mode.