/sit enrage still works according to a streamer

I’ve seen how the old spell batching is, and It’s dumb. People are stunning stuff and are getting hit like .5 secs after the target is stunned? what? No, bad idea to keep the old spell batching.

Spell batching is just one of those things that creates a unique experience in Classic. It’s part of the ‘warts and all’ doctrine.

I really appreciate the devs are taking such an approach to the project, rather than just trying to fine tune everything and perfect all game mechanics. That leads to…well, something we can experience now. Unexpected quirks can be fun and interesting. My advice is to relax, realize it’s just a game. Roll with it.

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well said sir, well said I say!

It was a thing in vanilla just got patched out because of stuff like this https://youtu.be/TqPQ4SNmx2c

It wasn’t patched out, it was capped to 5 stacks.


here is a link to a blue post of things not in beta

#2 is /sit doesn’t work.

just FYI

This sounds like a spell batching thing causing this. Its set for an auto crit while you’re sitting but when standing during the attack (like a .5s to do this or less) the code that doesnt allow enrage effects to proc while sitting counts you as standing technically counting for the /sit crit macro but this is not guaranteed like the previous method of sitting till being crit and if you’re too late - you still take the crit dmg.

Like spell clipping. Move right at the end of the spell and then cast an instant cast and often times the instant cast will have the same timestamp as the casted spell landing, if not before. Caused by spell batching you get an “interrupted” notice on the spell, it still fires and you fire off the instant spell @ the same time.

Not necessarily a bug but a loop-hole of spell batching.

You’re missing my entire point.

Im not saying it wont stay. But its not intended as its counter intuitive.

Wasn’t saying that was the soul reason. It was a reasom for them to look into the method made to produce it. The /sit auto crit for buffs Got patched out in tbc i believe.

apparently it was only a bug on private servers?

https: //wowwiki . fandom. com/wiki/Sit

Sitting to get crit activating on crit effects was an oversight in development, was eventually patched so that the forced crits from sitting didn’t activate on crit effects while sitting. This is the bug associated with private servers, they never added a check on on crit effects to see if the player was sitting.

The bug we’re discussing is tricking spell batching into the actions – Attack sitting player, and stand up – being put in the same batch. This makes the attack a guaranteed crit because it was batched against a sitting target, and the on crit effect not seeing you as sitting when you were hit. This was a bug in vanilla, Blizzard has been actively leaving bugs and loopholes in on purpose.

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Thanks will do

but you literally said that it was only on private servers - yet those videos were showing Mashing X to gain Reck charges were from retail Vanilla.

the Classic devs’ design goal was that “if it was in Vanilla, then it will be in Classic”

the ONLY way they could possibly prevent this type of mechanic is to completely remove Vanilla type Spell Batching - but as I said in an earlier post - that isn’t going to happen

The problem is, no one knows one way or another.
If you guys weren’t present for the Nostalrius development process, they way they did it was they took the stock database et al and made improvements based on the community’s effort.

So, if anyone could find absolute proof of something happening some way in Classic, it would be changed by the Nost team.
This happened for about 2-3 years, then the server shut down.
The database was frozen for a while, then when Classic was NOT announced in 2017, they assumed Blizzard had lied to them. Feeling betrayed, they allowed anyone to use the database and most notably partnered with Elysium to launch another server with their code and data.

This backfired, as it eventually came to light that Nost were the only Private Server group operating without trying to make money from it, and all their information was made private or deleted.

There is no way to go back and check their process, but one way or another, it would have went one of two ways:

The default was sitting would cause on-crit effects, and they either found no evidence that it SHOULDN’T, or they found evidence it did.


The default was not working that way, and they found evidence that it SHOULD some where, and made it work that way.

Either way, I trust their exhaustive work a lot. I understand people’s skepticism especially if you were not in on the ground floor with them, but frankly they are the reason this is happening.
They traveled to Irvine and showed executives at Blizzard that it was worth making this product, and now its a reality.

All anyone should be saying here is, for Blizzard to prove these things are or are not intended, just like Nost allowed for.

If they believe sitting during crits should not proc on-crit effects, then there must be some reason why.
Explain that, and demonstrate the proof, and problem is solved.

Until then, I don’t believe they are correct on this topic, but I have no way of knowing one way or another and neither does any one else unless you guys have copies of the github and all the info from Nost or the videos / screenshots they might have used as proof.

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This footage from 2006 definitely looks like evidence to me, but you seem knowledgeable on the subject. Tell me about these private servers in 2006.

simple way to test whether it is spell batching or something else entirely

have the classic devs ramp up the Classic beta spell batching to current BFA retail values and see what happens.

if mashing X still triggers RECK/Enrage/Blood Craze procs, then there’s something else at play here

if mashing X does nothing at that point then…

and it’s Spell Batching by a nose!

Much simpler. Just test it on their 1.12 client. I assume they did test it with sitting, but didn’t go to the extent people are doing in the Beta by precisely timing standing up at the right time

Think what you’re viewing is footage from a retail server at that point.

Based on numerous posts, disscussion, and the not a bug blue the /sit per private servers where you sit and then automatically stand when hit is a bug. However spamming X or monkeynews sit>move which causes your character to alternate sitting and standing coupled with spell batching and latency produces the same effect as seen in 2006 video linked below and therefore seems to be an accurate reproduction of 1.12 mechanics. Working as intended, although unreliable at best. I’ll still be leveling as arms!

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